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Discover the history of The Alamo. (Photo: Getty Images)

San Antonio

Don’t Remember the Alamo? What to Know About the San Antonio Landmark

More than 2 million people visit the Alamo in San Antonio every year. But do they really know what the famous rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo,” is all about? Do you?

Here’s what the history books say: Built in 1718 by Spanish missionaries, the Alamo was the first of five missions built in present-day San Antonio in an attempt to convert the Native American population to Christianity and assimilate into Spanish society.

It was originally intended as a Franciscan mission and evolved into a military post for the Mexican army just before the Mexican-American War. The fort served as a crucial battle and turning-point in the effort for Texas independence.

Want to know more? This infographic details the unforgettable battle of the Alamo.

alamo infographic
(Infographic: Lemonly)