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From Urban Oases to Seaside Retreats: 9 Hotels for a Weekend Getaway in Europe

For many travelers, an ideal weekend getaway includes a mix of activities and relaxation. Some are drawn to cultural or adventure outings; for others, the perfect mini-break is lounging poolside with a good book. The…
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Give Me a Sign: This Year, Let the Zodiac Be Your Travel Guide

Pack your bags, travelers. Tap into your zodiac vibe to learn your travel fortune for the year.
Travel by Design

11 Over-the-Top Hotel Suites to Add to Your Travel Wish List

Often spanning thousands of square feet of upscale amenities, decadent decor and jaw-dropping views of sea and city, hotel suites around the world seem to be getting grander by the day. Case in point? These…
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The ‘Cat People’ of Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is a city of cats. Meet the dedicated caregivers of Athens’ ever-present felines.
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How to Take a Staycation: 5 Unexpected Ways to Rediscover Your Home City

More than a mere vacation, a staycation is a way to rediscover the place that you call home while taking a much-needed break. It’s also the perfect opportunity to escape the routine without needing to…
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From Sky-High Rooftops to Sleek Infinity Pools: 10 Hotel Views Worth Traveling For

A room with a view is always coveted, but there is nothing quite like having front-row access to a mind-blowing epic cityscape that combines landscape, history and architecture. These luxury hotels offer unparalleled perspective on…
Weekend Getaways

Where to Weekend: 10 Short Breaks Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Everyone needs to escape the noise and hassle of the big city once in a while. A weekend away can clear frazzled minds, create wonderful memories and bring families together — and it’s all much…
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From Cocktails to Craft Brews, 5 Unexpected Cities with a Standout Drinks Scene

Lovers of libations are likely familiar with finding hip drinks scenes in major metropolises like New York City, London or Los Angeles. But some of the most exciting work in the cocktail and craft beverage…
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Exarchia After Dark: Where to Party in Athens’ Hippest Neighborhood

No visit to Athens is complete without a trip to Exarchia. Famously known as the “anarchist district,” the neighborhood has long been home to Athens’ artists, activists and intellectuals. It’s also the site of the…
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Short on Time? Make the Most of Athens in 24 Hours

Greece’s sprawling capital, Athens, may appear bewildering at first, but visitors soon tune into the irresistible energy and warm, welcoming vibe of this idiosyncratic European metropolis. At the center of an oddly fitting juxtaposition of…