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10 Wonderful Natural Swimming Spots Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Whether it’s in a pristine lake, a languid river or a wadi nestled in the desert, wild swimming is a fantastic way to experience a destination. It can be good for your well-being, too, particularly…
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Embark on a Classical Music-Inspired Tour Through Germany and Austria 

From the masterpieces of Bach and thrilling operas of Mozart to Beethoven’s groundbreaking creations and Strauss’ “Blue Danube,” Germany and Austria have produced some of classical music’s most revered composers and works. Five cities in…
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How to Celebrate Europe’s Festive Traditions from Christmas to NYE and Beyond

Europe’s holiday season is a wonderful time to travel and enjoy new-to-you Yuletide and New Year’s Eve traditions, not to mention festive food and drink. From the snowy landscapes of Scandinavia to the shores of…
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7 Brilliant Destinations that Solo Female Travelers Will Love

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a solo traveler, or looking for the next destination to explore in this fantastic way, the cities and countries below offer the perfect balance of adventure and intrigue,…
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Ready to Expand Your Horizons? These 8 Trips Help Grow Your Mind, Spirit and Happiness

This year, travel is all about you. Travelers are looking for more than just a respite from the day-to-day; instead, they are seeking opportunities for growth of mind, spirit and happiness. They seek to connect…
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Cozy Up to 10 Hotel Fire Pits and Fireplaces and Stay Snug on Chilly Nights

‘Tis the season for getting snuggly around a fire pit or fireplace. And you’ll find the tinder to your flame at hotels where sparks are built into the story — whether you prefer a fireplace…
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Mountains, Buttes and More: 11 Hotels that Embrace Their Peak Views

Hotels are more than just places to bunker down — they encapsulate a certain lifestyle. And these cleverly thought-out hotels with views of glacial mountains, surrounded by desert canyons and carved into oceanside cliffs demonstrate…

Brilliant Beaches, Amusement Parks and More: Discover Europe’s Top Family Vacations

Whether you’re wrangling a squad of little outdoor adventurers, wee ones filled with wonder for wildlife or kids craving culture (hey, it can happen!), these six spots make for some of Europe’s top family vacations….

Say ‘I Do!’ at 7 Destinations for the Wedding of Your Dreams

What could be more romantic than saying “I do” or renewing your wedding vows in a dazzling location, creating lasting memories while adding the spice of adventure to your special day? With a host of…
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8 Magical Winter Stays Where Snowy Days and Cozy Nights Await

Longing to stimulate your senses with a magical winter stay? There’s a winter adventure calling, everywhere from the gateway to Austria’s Alps and Wyoming’s favorite cowboy town to the mountains of North Carolina and Ontario,…