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Outdoor Thrills Abound Less Than a 3-Hour Drive from These Caribbean and Latin American Cities

Enthralling outdoor adventures await throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Verdant jungle, towering sand dunes and extensive trails all appeal for the adrenaline-pumping ways to explore them, from horseback riding to trekking, cycling to skiing….
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Exploration Made Easy: 8 Great Local Experiences Without Leaving Your Hotel

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a new-to-you destination with all five senses from the get-go — literally the moment you check in at your hotel. Here are eight places to stay where you can…
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7 Dream-Worthy Island Escapes in the Caribbean and Latin America

There’s a reason artists sing about islands. Whether it’s Madonna extolling the virtues of La Isla Bonita, the Beach Boys crooning about Kokomo, or Jimmy Buffet reminiscing over Margaritaville, there’s something about palm-fringed beaches lapped…
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10 Trips to Add to Your Travel Vision Board

Why wax nostalgic about travels gone by when the option exists to look ahead to future trips? There’s no need to wait until the start of a new year to plan dreamworthy vacations — we’ve…
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How African Traditions Shape the Foods We Love – From Spain to Brazil and Beyond

When talking about food, one has to talk about movement. Food is not static and unchanging; it is a collection of stories, people and traditions carried from one generation to the next. And African influences…
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7 Underrated Destinations You Haven’t Visited Yet—But Should

Already checked off the world’s most visited countries—France, the U.S., Spain—and not sure where to go next? These lesser-known spots may just become the next best vacation spots in the world. Consider planning a trip…