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Live in Chicago? 4 Reasons You Need a Vacation

Marc Graser
It appears Chicagoans are in dire need of a vacation. They’re exhausted and eager to disconnect from work when traveling. Chicago came in fifth among U.S. cities when it comes …

Road Trip

Baseball Fanatic? Here’s Your Dream Road Trip

Jess Moss
You’re a baseball stat wunderkind, not unlike Jonah Hill’s character in “Moneyball.” So your ultimate summer road trip has to be all about baseball, beer, and modern Americana. If you’re …

Where I've Been

Why ‘Empire’s’ Jussie Smollett Was Taken with Tokyo

Marc Graser
Japan is far from the soundstages of Chicago where Jussie Smollett films Fox’s musical drama “Empire,” but after getting a brief taste of Tokyo, he already knows he’ll be back.

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Our Favorite Travel Articles of 2015

Marc Graser
It’s been an amazing year for Marriott Traveler magazine, which launched just nine months ago with three cities — New Orleans, Chicago and Orlando — and has since traversed the …