what to do in aruba

Try a SUP yoga class on Aruba’s turquoise waters. (Photo: Getty Images)


Unplug in Aruba with 5 Fun, Tech-Free Activities

You have arrived in Aruba, the perfect place to say goodbye to the technological world, at least for a few days while you relax and enjoy all the beauty that this island has to offer. You’ll see how easy it is to forget the whole world with these five fun activities that will help you relax and recharge. It’s time to act and disconnect!

Sail Aboard a 70-Foot Catamaran

If you think that watching the sunset in Aruba is beautiful from the beach, wait until you see it aboard a catamaran while sipping on an Aruba Arriba cocktail. Join the Sunset Sail of Palm Pleasure —it lasts 2 hours and includes an open bar.

what to do in aruba
Sail along Aruba’s calming water. (Photo: Getty Images)

For those who want to explore more, the Afternoon Delight leaves at 2 pm, lasts 3 hours, and makes 2 stops —one in Antilla Shipwreck (where you will see the sunken remains of the MS Antilla, the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean) and another in Boca Catalina, a small secluded bay in the Malmok Beach area.

Sign Up for SUP Yoga

Try a SUP yoga class on the turquoise waters of Aruba; you’ll practice resistance and meditation with an uninterrupted view of the sea. And you don’t have to be an expert! The goal of the class is to practice being present in the moment and freeing your mind while absorbing the serenity of the ocean.

Ride a Horse at the Arikok National Park

Aruba has a rural area on the northeast coast and in the interior of the island where you will discover unique flora and fauna with stunning views of the sea. What better way to explore it than on horseback? Rancho Daimari works within the Arikok National Park and offers 3-hour excursions (including transportation to and from your hotel).

what to do in aruba
Discover some of Aruba’s hidden gems. (Photo: Getty Images)

You’ll ride through the hills of the Arikok National Park and discover some of Aruba’s hidden gems such as the Daimari Beach and Moro Beach, the latter known as “little Aruba” because it has a rock in the shape of the island. There are horses for all levels, including beginners; children 6 years old and up can ride alone and the little ones can go with their parents.

On Horseback at Wariruri Beach

If you got really into horseback riding, we have another activity that you will surely enjoy. You won’t think about your email or how many followers you have on Instagram when you spend an afternoon riding a horse on Wariruri Beach, located on the north coast of the island.

The currents are too strong to swim and the beach is surrounded by a rocky coast worn by the sea. You’ll see surfers and fishermen in the distance and you’ll find the ruins of Bushiribana, an old 19th century gold mill, with wide views of the sea.

Visit the Donkey Sanctuary

Even though they were once the only means of transportation in Aruba, the donkeys became unemployed when cars were introduced to the island.

what to do in aruba
Become friends with these sweet-natured animals. (Photo: Getty Images)

The sanctuary is home to almost 130 donkeys and offers shelter to these docile animals that have been mistreated, neglected or simply abandoned. Walk inside the sanctuary where the most curious residents will greet you affectionately asking for a snack.

You can participate in the “Friends of the Aruban Donkeys” program by donating $50 annually to help maintain the sanctuary, or you can adopt a donkey for $200 annually, ensuring they receive food and water, shelter, medical care and lots of love.