mendoza vines and mountains

Mendoza is synonymous with rare flavors and thrilling landscapes. (Photo: Bruno Maia/Getty Images)

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Get to Know Mendoza — Argentina’s Ultimate Wine City

The city of Mendoza is one of the great attractions in Argentina and is also considered one of the most important wine capitals in Latin America. Its location to the east of the Andes Mountains makes this town an ideal place to admire nature, taste exquisite food and be amazed by its thousands of vineyards.

Mendoza is synonymous with rare flavors and thrilling landscapes. The unique properties of its lands offer the world some of the most renowned wines, so it is of no surprise that thousands of travelers come here in search of exceptional culinary experiences.

We can guarantee that your visit will be an experience that you won’t soon forget and that you’ll surely want to repeat—your palate will thank you. So during your stay, take note and follow these valuable recommendations.

A Wine in its Most Artistic State

One of the wineries that you must visit is Casa El Enemigo, helmed by the award-winning winemaker Alejandro Vigil— the creator of an extraordinary wine experience that takes guests on a tour inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

On this occasion, the final act culminates with an impeccable tasting and pairing of the winery’s most recognized labels with a nine-course dinner. For a more romantic experience, we recommend scheduling a tour at night.

Scenes from the Summit

During the day, venture out and take a stroll in the Parque General San Martín— a park whose green landscapes can be explored by car, bicycle or even on foot. Don’t forget to climb up to the summit, where you can see the entire city from a large vantage point and confirm Mendoza’s commitment to care for its land’s distinctive properties.

Despite a scarcity of water in this region, every tree in the area is numbered and protected in order to continue giving life to the heart of the city.

Parque General San Martín
Take a stroll in the Parque General San Martín. (Photo: Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images)

Argentine Empanadas and Asados

When it comes to food, Mendoza will not disappoint you in the least—you’ll find plenty of delicious places to taste the best of its gastronomy. Nevertheless, you should take advantage of your visit and meet Chacha—a cook who won an award for making the best empanadas (meat pies) in the entire country.

To prove her talent and boast that you’ve eaten the best empanada, visit the Bodegas de la Familia Zuccardi, where she will personally teach you how to cook your own empanada in magnificent clay ovens.

You can’t go to Argentina without sampling some scrumptious empanadas. (Photo: GMVozd/Getty Images)

At the same venue, you can eat an authentic Argentine asado (barbeque) and witness the meat being cooked on outdoor grills before arriving directly at your table and accompanied by this winery’s best wines.

You’ll notice that the Zuccardi vineyards are not only in total harmony with the environment, but are also recognized for the high quality of their products.

All-night Party in Aristides

Mendoza’s nightlife is quite lively, all you have to do is walk along the famous Avenida Aristides to realize that you have come to the right place. The abundant offerings provided by this long avenue full of bars, pubs and restaurants is a delight.

Here, apart from endless wine labels, you can also try a variety of craft beers that have recently emerged in the region. Stop by Chachingo Craft Beer and get a good sampling of its authentic flavors.

If you prefer to try a more artisanal cocktail, head to Gran Ciervo, a mountain top bar that offers very tasty snacks. When you need good music and a great atmosphere, Ground Arístides will not disappoint you—try their beer made with pure glacial water.

You’ll notice that each spot has its own style and atmosphere, which in turn will entice you to spend the whole night discovering its charms.

The best thing is that the close proximity from each bar to the next allows you to visit as many places as you want all night. Don’t be surprised if you meet people from all over the world as this is the mandatory meeting point for all travelers.