Tequisquiapan Querétaro

Explore the Artisan Market’s huge range of wicker and cane artifacts. (Photo: Alamy)

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Hot Air Balloons, Galleries and Streetcar Rides: 12 Magical Hours in Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

Arriving in Tequisquiapan means peace and quiet, and delicious traditional treats. Designated one of Mexico’s pueblos mágicos, or magical towns, this village lies 40 minutes from the city of Querétaro. You’ll spend all day strolling through its streets and enjoying activities the whole family will enjoy.

Start at Dawn

If you fancy watching the sun rise from the vantage point of a hot air balloon, book your trip with Vuela en Globo and enjoy the aerial views of the surrounding area; you can even see the Peña de Bernal, the third tallest monolith in the world.

Tequisquiapan, Querétaro
Start the day early taking in sweeping views of the area. (Photo: Abish Rodríguez)

The morning will have begun by the time you land, so make your way to the center of Tequisquiapan and get ready for a day full of delicious treats.

Once in the center, take a seat at one of the tables at La Charamusca and order its traditional cheese bread, along with a hot chocolate. This freshly baked round bread, with cheese along the edges of every spiral, will be one of the reasons you inevitably return at night, or you may even take a few home. Be warned that the line for orders is usually long, but fast moving.

The Magic of Its Markets

The cheese bread will whet your appetite, a sign that it’s ready for something a little more substantial, so it’s now time to cross the street and visit the Food Market. Here you’ll see a couple of traditional cooks lighting their stoves as people swarm around them to order their delicious chile and cheese gorditas.

You’ll know you’ve made the right choice once you savor these delicacies—topped with molcajete sauce—that go from the griddle straight to your mouth. But don’t stop there; carry on exploring the market and you’re bound to spot something else to tempt your palate.

After this you can stroll around the streets of this colorful town, enjoying the brightly painted colonial buildings and the charm of its people. At midday, you can explore the Artisan Market, with its huge range of wicker and cane artifacts. Embroidery, wood, sandals, bags and countless decorative items for the home will make it impossible for you to leave empty handed.

Amidst Art and Nature

Visit some of its art galleries; although this is a small Magical Town, you’ll be surprised at the artists who exhibit their art here. Call in at TequisArt, a space dedicated to painting, sculpture and jewelry. Its small entrance opens out into spacious rooms where some work of art will surely catch your eye.

For lunch, don’t miss the chance to try the tasty local enchiladas at the K’puchinos restaurant, where the service is excellent, as well as the food. Once you’ve savored the flavors of Tequis, as this magical place is known by the locals and its regular visitors, you’ll be ready for a little adventure in Bernal.

This nearby town is home to one of the tallest rocks in the world. Known as the Peña de Bernal, it’s more than 10 million years old and almost 985 feet tall. You can admire this gigantic rock as you try one of the artisan ice creams, with flavors such as wine and cheese or mandarin being popular choices. If you still feel like climbing La Peña, you can make plans to come back and dedicate a whole day to the task.

An Exciting Streetcar Ride

You’ll need to head back to the center of Tequis; with the evening approaching, you should take a ride on a streetcar. This is no normal trip and may only be for the less faint-hearted, as the route takes you through parts of the town where ancient legends were born, those strange tales and events which are still steeped in mystery today. As you ride along the cobbled streets, various characters come to life to make this a truly enjoyable and thrilling trip.

On leaving the streetcar you’ll have come to the end of your day in Tequis, and you’ll no doubt pick up a few pieces of cheese bread to give everyone at home a little taste of the delights you’ve experienced. Make the most of your location to take a last look at the church of Santa María de la Asunción, lit up at night, to fully appreciate its neoclassical style and pink color, adding the finishing touch to a day that you would love to live again.

Remember that you can come back at any time, as the climate in these parts is fairly warm for most of the year.