Roccia Di Corte Italian castle Civita di Bagnoregio

You’ll fnd Roccia Di Corte, the castle of your dreams, in an Italian hilltop village. (Photo: Marriott International)

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Who Says We’ll Never Be Royals? 9 Castle and Château Escapes to Make Fairytale Dreams Come True

Is there anyone who hasn’t daydreamed of living in a castle or grand château? Thankfully, you don’t need a fancy title to play the role of royalty. Update your travel vision board with a trip to one of these 9 majestic châteaux and sprawling castles. Each of these castle vacations is a welcome respite for kings and queens — or those with a more common case of wanderlust.

As always, check for travel restrictions or closures before planning your trip.

Claim Your Own Turret in Clevedon, England

castle in clevedon england
Water views and more await at this stone fortress. (Photo: Marriott International)

Is staying in a castle not quite unique enough for you? How about one designed in an octagon shape with 360-degree views of the Bristol Channel? This distinctive stone fortress sits at the end of a private drive.

The main accommodations are located in the central, four-story structure, which is surrounded by a cobbled courtyard and eight turrets (housing five of the eight bedrooms). Between the grand sitting room, roll-top bath in the master bedroom and indoor pool, you may start referring to yourself as “Your Majesty.”

For those who want the true royal treatment, the rental is available with concierge services, including breakfast, grocery shopping and a private chef.

Sleep Like a King in Grand-Brassac, France

Troubadour Castle in Grand-Brassac, France
Bring the whole family to the 13th-century Troubadour Castle; there’s more than enough room. (Photo: Marriott International)

Troubadour Castle, built in the 13th century, has all the trappings of the châteaux you read about in fairytales: fortified walls, towers and spires; medieval suits of armor; a wood-burning fireplace; and yes, a moat.

The magic of this 14-bedroom fortress continues in the timeless details — Gothic bookcases, classic oil paintings, decorated ceilings and stained glass windows.

That’s not to say it’s all about time gone by; you’ll find modern comforts such as a coffee machine, heated swimming pool and cozy, king-size beds, too

Step Back in Time Near Edinburgh, Scotland

Lothian Castle edinburgh
Delight in the luxe details at Lothian Castle. (Photo: Marriott International)

Share a room with history at Lothian Castle; the 600-year-old site outside of Edinburgh has seen many visitors, including Mary, Queen of Scots, who ruled over Scotland in the mid-1500s.

But rather than stay tethered to its past, the 12-bedroom, 1.5-acre property has kept up with the times with in-room baths, ornate but comfortable furniture, and easy-to-light fireplaces.

The hand-carved oak beds, velvet curtains, richly hued tapestries and spiraling stone staircases only add to the feelings of grandeur.

Stroll the Castle Grounds in Yvetot-Bocage, France

Yvetot-Bocage, France
History was quite literally made at this French château. (Photo: Marriott International)

You’ll be hard-pressed to explore all 17 acres of gardens, streams and follies (ornamental buildings) that make up this 17th-century château in Normandy, where the treaty of Cherbourg was signed in 1944.

When your legs grow tired — although a tennis court and pool are on-site if you want to burn a few more calories — retire inside the villa where an impressive spiraling staircase, marble fireplace, covered game room and eight intricately decorated bedrooms await.

Surround Yourself with Luxury in Perugia, Italy

castle in perugia italy
This splendid castle melds modern touches with historic details. (Photo: Marriott International)

Architecture aficionados will find something to gape at around nearly every corner of this restored, 12th-century castle: from the period-appropriate furniture (like splashy wall coverings, 18th-century French armchairs, 17th-century Flemish tapestries) and open-hearth fireplace in the Great Hall to the brick-and-stone staircase and exposed wood ceiling beams.

Don’t worry; high-end, 21st-century touches also abound on the eight-bedroom property, including a chef-grade kitchen, chandelier-lit gym and pool overlooking the Umbrian countryside.

Bring the Whole Family to Duns, Scotland

langton castle duns scotland
From billiards in the game room to fireside chats in the drawing room, Langton delivers an iconic castle stay. (Photo: Marriott International)

Want to travel with the extended family but still have plenty of personal space? The 12-bedroom Langton Castle — built in 1785 and set on a plot of land owned by the same family for six centuries — is surrounded by four individual cottages, which sleep between two and six guests.

Come together for meals around the main building’s 24-seat, 19th-century oak dining table before shifting into the game room to play billiards, take in the views from the Ionic-style portico, or read in front of the fireplace in the salmon-hued drawing room. (Even saying “drawing room” makes you feel like royalty, doesn’t it?)

Unwind in a Romantic Château in Normandy, France

Château Trois Tours normandy france
Lounge poolside or relax indoors at the exceptional Château Trois Tours. (Photo: Marriott International)

Plan to stay a while at Château Trois Tours. Not only are the beaches of the Alabaster coastline and an 18-hole golf course located nearby, but the 40-acre property itself calls for ample relaxation.

Built in the Louis XIII style of the early 17th century, the 12-bedroom fortress encompasses a cinema room, spacious library and two heated swimming pools. Fun fact: The property’s renovation was overseen by the former artistic director for Dior jewelry.

The surrounding gardens are filled with rare trees, rhododendrons and rose-covered archways. If you decide to let friends in on the fun, there’s a separate, three-bedroom cottage on the estate.

Enjoy an Intimate Getaway in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

rocca di corte italy
You find yourself welcome at Rocca di Corte. (Photo: Marriott International)

Civita di Bagnoregio is the name for this entire hilltop village in central Italy — but the four-bedroom Roccia Di Corte (once an Episcopal seminary) is a dominating feature in the landscape.

Though more intimate than some of the other vacation spots on this list, it imparts the same feelings of welcoming extravagance, with a curving limestone ceiling and stone fireplace in the Wolf’s Lair room, lush gardens and an on-site winery established in the 16th century. The charm of Old World Italy comes through in the earthy hues, antique beds and classic artwork.

Upgrade Your Stay in Edinburgh, Scotland

kirkliston castle edinburgh
This sprawling, 32-acre property offers plenty of room to explore. (Photo: Marriott International)

Historic doesn’t have to feel old. Kirkliston Castle, which sits on 32 acres, has been lovingly updated to give its interior a more contemporary feel while still honoring its past life.

Extravagant wall coverings and heavy decor have been replaced with modern art, of-the-moment furniture and more dramatic vignettes across the property’s 19 bedrooms and various entertaining spaces. There’s also a private tennis court and a fully stocked bar, and the manicured grounds offer plenty of space to roam.