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Taryn Southern on Sleep-Cuddling and Space Travel with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Taryn Southern gets into bed with her YouTube friends for Moxy Hotels’ “Do Not Disturb.” (Photos: Courtesy Moxy Hotels)

Taryn Southern is really inquisitive. She asks questions that tend to raise an eyebrow, but somehow seem perfectly appropriate when asked on a hotel bed in pajamas with a whip in hand. That’s what makes her web talk show “Do Not Disturb,” filmed in a Moxy hotel room, so watchable. What will she ask? Will they cuddle after?

The trending YouTuber and self-proclaimed “Internetainer” who interviews fellow social media stars slumber party-style, says her line of questioning comes from doing her research and seeing what she can get away with. Marriott TRAVELER thought turnabout was fair play and asked Southern who she’d invite to her ultimate sleep over and what she loves in a good hotel.

taryn southern timothy dela ghetto moxy hotels
Taryn Southern cuddles with YouTuber Timothy DeLa Ghetto.

What weird things do you do in your sleep?

Apparently, I’m a sleep-cuddler, which I did not know until last night. I’m staying with my best friend in New York and she found me cuddled up to her. I was not aware. Guess I’ve turned into sleep-walking cuddler. So now I need to warn any potential friends. Other than that, I don’t know. I’m usually well behaved. I don’t know what’s happened!

Do you have a favorite “Do Not Disturb” moment or guest?

I, honestly, have loved every guest on “Do Not Disturb” Season 1. Flula is hysterical. Brittany Furlan and Lisa Schwartz are two of my favorite ladies because they are so open and do not care. They’re bold and they go for truth in their comedy. They’re both so fun. I will say there was probably a fair amount in both those interviews that did not make the final cut.

taryn southern brittamy furlon moxy hotels
Selfie with Comedian Brittany Furlon.

What do you love about travel and what’s the most Instagram-able place you’ve been recently?

I love to travel so much. It is the greatest exercise in free will. Every year for the past 10 years, I usually just take a month off and I buy a one-way ticket somewhere and I just go. In the past six months, I’d say northern Finland was pretty Instagram-able. I was up in Laplands, Finland, which is beautiful during the Northern Lights season and I went skiing behind a reindeer, or reindeer racing as it’s called…. It’s a beautiful winter wonderland. I took some pretty amazing photos there, which you can actually find on my Instagram.

Also, Tokyo. I went to Tokyo in December and it was my second time there and I absolutely love it. There is a little strip of bars in Tokyo that have been around for hundreds of years…. It’s such a random cool part of the city. I really like going to bars if that wasn’t apparent to you from watching “Do Not Disturb.” It’s particularly fun to go to tiny historical bars that only fit three, four or five people in them. It’s really great.

You live in L.A. You’ve got friends or family visiting. Where do you take them?

It shouldn’t surprise you that I like to take them wine tasting at a place called Malibu Wines. It’s in the mountains and it’s absolutely beautiful. They’ve got live music on Sundays. There’s also a wine touring company in Malibu that stops at a few wineries and I’ve taken friends a few times. It’s called the Malibu Wine Safari, and you can see all kinds of wild crazy animals like giraffes and buffalo roaming the rolling hills of Malibu. It’s wild. I also love Venice. Abbott Kinney is a neat little street with shops and antiques, and over-priced T-shirts and really good vegan food.

I love taking people to Bronson Canyon for a hiking spot that’s still pretty untouched compared to the number of hikers that visit Runyon Canyon, one of the more popular spots. [Bronson Canyon] goes right up to the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory. When you go there you feel like you’re completely outside of L.A., but it’s only 5 or 10 minutes from the heart of Hollywood.

When you’re not in L.A., where do you most feel like a local?

Europe. Just because there’s such a sense of community there in all of the small towns. Everyone is really friendly. English isn’t hard to come by…. I find it very easy to get around, very easy to communicate. It’s just generally built really well for transportation. It’s easy to get from one city to another through the train system and flights are really cheap. I find it really easy to hop around and meet people. They are very connected. I think it is embedded in European culture to spend a lot of time at dinner.

How and what do you pack? What are your travel essentials?

I only travel with a carry on. It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone. If it’s three weeks, three months, it doesn’t matter. I will still find a way to only carry one tiny carry on. So, I’m very efficient in terms of what I pack. I think the key is accepting that you’re not going to look like a super model; that I will probably re-wear a lot of the same clothes. Febreeze is your friend as is the local laundromat or laundry services at hotels.

It’s just so much easier to be efficient and travel light. I don’t like sitting in airports for three hours. I’m one of those people that gets there last minute, for better or for worse. Not having to check a bag makes a huge difference.

As far as my travel essentials, I usually have my laptop, a hard drive, my HD video camera (which in this case is a little Cannon PowerShot), a couple of SD cards, a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, a pair of sandals and a couple of T-shirts. Also, sunscreen; I’m getting better at that.

taryn southern sawyer hartman moxy hotels
Taryn gets a hold of YouTuber Sawyer Hartman for her show, “Do Not Disturb.”

When you are staying in a hotel, what matters to you?

If you are a young person it’s staying in a place with a cool vibe – a place where you can hang out in the lobby; meet new people; meet locals; have a drink. I think that that’s important. We’re less concerned with super large rooms that have unnecessary space. We’re big fans of efficiency and technology, so being able to feel connected and cozy and at home, but also be in place where we can work and communicate. It feels like Moxy has done a really good job of integrating all of those needs into its hotel rooms.

Who’s your perfect travel buddy?

I would want to travel with Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s very interesting. I would have a lot of questions for him about the universe. I think it would be great to hear his perspective on culture as he sees it.

Where would you go with him?

Where would you go with the man who knows everything? I’d go to space! We’ll take a flight with Richard Branson on the Virgin rocket ship.

If you could have one epic slumber party, who would be in your sleep over squad?

Lena Dunham because she’s awesome. I’m a huge fan of hers. I think her show is amazing. I would invite Taylor Swift, ’cause obviously. Elizabeth Warren because she’s just a badass in my book.

Who do you dream of hopping into bed with next?

George Clooney, for obvious reasons.