La Fábrica queretaro

La Fábrica has independent designer and interior design shops. (Photo: La Fábrica)

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Where to Channel Your Inner Creative in Querétaro

Ever more cosmopolitan, the capital of Querétaro has become a true magnet for creative types, leading to the arrival of new spaces for artistic expression. From a hyperrealism art gallery to a studio for circus arts, this city will find a way to quench your thirst for art and culture.

Querétaro Teatro Metropolitano: At the Forefront

If there is one place that confirms Querétaro’s position as a cultural hotspot in Mexico, it has to be the Querétaro Teatro Metropolitano, a modern complex created for performances of the highest order, such as concerts, operas and plays.

Opened in 2012, its main hall is impressive, with a capacity of 1,344 and equipped with the latest lighting, sound and stage technology. Visiting the Teatro Experimental is also a must, with its huge window overlooking the city of Querétaro and creating the best stage backdrop ever.

The installations at the Querétaro Teatro Metropolitano are so cutting edge that it is considered the fifth best equipped theater in Mexico and one of the most advanced in Latin America.

Querétaro Teatro Metropolitano
This venue confirms Querétaro’s position as a cultural hotspot in Mexico. (Photo: Querétaro Teatro Metropolitano)

La Fábrica: New Works in Production

To visit this place you will need to leave the beaten track and make your way to the residential area of north-west Querétaro. Once there, between homes and restaurants, you will recognize La Fábrica from the striking murals of urban art covering its facade. What will you find there, you ask?

Housed in an old metal factory (hence its name), this culture and design center consists of spaces for the display of the arts. At the Foro La Fábrica you can enjoy comedies at night and children’s shows on Saturdays at midday; at the restaurant Moser Café there are jazz concerts on Wednesdays, while at Arte 7 they offer courses and workshops on cinematography.

And what’s more, La Fábrica has independent designer and interior design shops, and art and organic food fairs are often held in its courtyards and open spaces. It’s definitely a place that keeps up with the latest trends.

The Optical Magic of the Museo Fundación Santiago Carbonell

The renowned painter Santiago Carbonell was born in Quito, Ecuador, but has chosen Querétaro as his home and as the location of his studio; now, the state capital also boasts a collection of his works at the Museo Fundación Santiago Carbonell, opened in 2014.

Pay it a visit and walk ’round its three rooms, and you’ll be amazed by the hyperrealist paintings selected by Carbonell himself to form the museum’s collection, including nudes, portraits, landscapes and still life. His use of light, shade and volume is so remarkable that at times you will think you’re looking at photographs.

Museo Fundación Santiago Carbonell
You’ll be amazed by the hyperrealist paintings selected by Carbonell himself. (Photo: Museo Fundación Santiago Carbonell)

Querétaro Center for the Arts: Between Gold and Stone

Its location makes your visit a must, as it occupies the cells and corridors of the Former Royal College of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, a jewel of the Viceroyalty period which combines traces of the baroque, neoclassical and even mudéjar styles. You just have to see it from the outside, especially when the architectural lighting makes it shine.

As well as being the headquarters of the Querétaro Institute of Culture and the Arts, the Querétaro Center for the Arts also has a site museum with a collection of some of the state’s most valuable religious artworks; in addition, it has exhibition halls, lecture rooms for literary presentations, as well as an auditorium for cinema and concert seasons.

Before your visit, check its social media pages regularly to keep up to date with its art courses and workshops, designed especially for adults and professionals. Its experience catalogue includes classes on dance, story-telling skills, experimental music and photography, among other techniques and skills.

Circo Studio, a Fun Alternative

It’s been over 23 years since the Compañía Circo Teatro started rehearsing and performing to the delight of lovers of circus arts. Now experts in acrobatics, pantomime and clowning, they have decided to take the next step by running courses for the general public on these and other performing arts.

Where is it? Circo Studio, a studio equipped with everything you need for learning how to perform aerial dance with silks and hoops, static trapeze routines, breakdancing and contortion. As well as training your body, at Circo Studio they will help you to forge your character and improve your discipline, so it’s recommended for all ages.