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Ride on the Wild Side: Daring Denver Bike and ATV Trails

Many of Denver’s 85 miles of biking trails guarantee epic adventure. (Photo: Alamy)

With more than 85 miles of paved biking trails, it’s no wonder that Denver is every cyclist’s dream town. Hop on the Greenway Trail for some gorgeous views of the South Platte River and see the Mile High City from a new perspective. Didn’t bring your bike? No biggie, Denver offers some great bike rentals, such as Denver B-Cycle. Leave the bike at home and enjoy the convenience of picking up and dropping off your bike whenever you need to.

Itching to bike up and see the view from Pikes Peak Mountain? The Barr Trail is only way to get to Pikes Peak via bike. It’s a challenging trail, almost all of it climbing at an incline of 11 percent and taking roughly 16 hours to complete, but we think you’ve got it in you. Dress in layers, as it starts to get pretty cold beyond Barr Camp (the half way point), and be sure to bring plenty of water.

Not sure if Pikes Peak is your mountain to climb? There are plenty of other bike trails in Denver that offer more of a variety depending on expert level.

Take it up a Notch: ATV Rentals in Denver

Ready for a little more action? Get some air by grabbing a 4×4 and taking on some dirt trails near Denver such as the Empire Trail System or Central City Trail System. Our personal favorite is Rampart Range, located about 35 miles southwest of Denver, offering more than 20 trails featuring varying terrain for riders of all levels. Visit the trail any time between April and December for peak conditions.

Some of the trails in Rampart Range can get pretty remote, which means you need to be prepared in case something goes wrong and you can’t get service on your cell phone. So, before you go full throttle make sure to bring some or all of the following:

  • First aid kit
  • Trail map
  • Compass
  • Screwdriver(s)
  • Rain gear
  • Food bars
  • Water
  • Cash
  • Allen/Plug/Axle wrenches
  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight

Above all, pack your sense of adventure as you explore the great outdoors around Denver.