los cabos restaurants

Dine on tacos al pastor. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Yes, There’s a Foodie Scene in Cabo. Here’s Where Eat Like a Local in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is certainly better known for its tourist resorts and lively atmosphere than for its culinary scene, but it does offer some surprises. If you want to eat like a local in Los Cabos, here are some restaurants worth exploring.

Tacos Guss

Some of the best tacos in town can be found at Tacos Guss. They’re famous for their tacos al pastor (shepherd’s style tacos), which are served in a traditional style from a vertical rotisserie, known as a trompo. Their shrimp tacos are also popular, and an obvious choice in this coastal resort.

Flora Farms

los cabos restaurants
Flora Farms: Beautiful…and tasty. (Photo courtesy of Flora Farms)

In the hills of San José del Cabo you will find Flora Farms, an organic farm that also has a restaurant, a spa and a residential community. This enterprise has become very important to the local community.

The ingredients featured on the menu have been produced somewhere on the farm, including the cheese, all of the vegetables and the ingredients used in the cocktails. The farm hosts an annual Day of the Dead Altar Competition and welcomes numerous visiting artists and chefs for special events.

Diners can also take part in cooking classes on the farm if they want to learn how to cook ‘Flora style.’

El Ahorcado

los cabos restaurants
Margaritas in Mexico go well with, well, everything. (Photo: Getty Images)

San José del Cabo is home to El Ahorcado, known for its tongue tacos. The pinto bean dish, frijoles charros, and the beef rib tacos are also popular. The drinks menu includes a wide selection of high-end tequilas and mezcals. There is often live music performed by local musicians in the evenings and at weekends.

Los Tres Gallos

This al fresco restaurant is a local favorite. But what should you go for on the menu? Well, you could try its margaritas, nopalito con queso (prickly pear pads with cheese), stuffed pepper, or huazontle (a native edible plant) and pozole (hominy soup), which are local Mexican dishes that can’t always be found in Los Cabos.

Los Tres Gallos also supports Mexican artisans. The locals love this restaurant, not only for its atmosphere and classic dishes, but also because everything is freshly prepared every day.

La Oficina

La Oficina has long been a local favorite, since well before Los Cabos became a popular tourist haunt. This beach restaurant serves fresh seafood, such as tuna tiraditos and tostadas, but is best known for its Baja Burrito, served with flour tortillas and machaca. Brunch at La Oficina is very popular.