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From Casual to High-End, These Tokyo Sushi Restaurants Prepare Impeccable Seafood 

From buzzy izakayas to chic kaiseki restaurants, dining in Tokyo is a near-outrageous pleasure. Arguably the best seafood in the world passes through Toyosu Market, and much of that ends up at sushi counters throughout…

11 Restaurants to Experience the Riches of Venetian Cuisine

The cuisine of Venice, Italy, is a crossroads of flavors, a melting pot of culinary traditions that reflect the city’s thousand-year history as a major maritime center. Galleons would arrive laden with exotic ingredients —…
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Barcelona’s Best Places to Eat and Drink

Whatever you’re craving, you’ll eat well in Barcelona. The Spanish city knows what the good life is all about, with lunches lingering well into the afternoon and dinner recommendations enthusiastically offered and received. Barcelona’s restaurants…
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The Best Culinary Experiences in Riyadh, the Heart of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia enjoys a rich culinary heritage thanks to its fusion of Bedouin, Levantine and Persian influences. Travelers keen to experience the country’s food scene will find a plethora of interesting places to eat and…
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Restaurant Hot List: 10 Dining Experiences Worth Traveling For

One of the most fun parts of travel is trying new cuisines, exploring exciting new restaurants and earning perks in the process. When it comes to seeking out a delicious meal with gorgeous, luxe surrounds…
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Sky-High Views, Brilliant Brunches and Sunny Beaches: A Guide to Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

It’s the world’s most famous man-made island, a jaw-dropping creation that has to be seen to be believed — but with great shopping, dining, beaches and unique things to do, Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is much…
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Fine Dining for Discerning Foodies at These 6 Indulgent Hotels

Long gone are the days when hotel dining was a late-night, last-minute resort. Instead, hotels around the world have upped their offerings and made in-house meals a main attraction. You can get your fine dining…
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Marriott Bonvoy Insiders’ Favorite Elite Breakfasts Start Your Day with a Smile

Craving an exquisite breakfast? The Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program enables members with Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite status to receive complimentary breakfast at select hotels. This tasty benefit is offered either as a…

8 Exquisite Doha Dining Experiences That’ll Leave You Craving More

Doha is a true foodie paradise. The city’s countless restaurants are a celebration of its society: myriad multicultural immigrants passing through to share their wide array of traditions and culinary delights with the hungry masses….

5 Ways to Eat Well in Singapore

For centuries, immigrants from all corners of the earth have made this island on the equator their home, and there are many merits to this, especially gastronomic. In Singapore restaurants, it’s often hard to distinguish…