Mixing It Up

Mixing It Up

Michael Hess

Meet Franz Zauner, the Master Bartender Behind Le Méridien’s Sparkling Menu

Franz Zauner has come a long way since his beginnings as a food runner at Le Méridien Vienna in Austria. Now the Global Master Barista and bartender for the hotel …

bars in irvine

Mixing It Up

Chris Morris

The Secret Ingredient for This Irvine Bar? Honey.

Step onto the Hive & Honey Rooftop Bar at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum and one of the first things you’ll notice is the view. The panoramic outlook from Irvine’s first …

columbia room dc

Mixing It Up

Robin Bennefield

Award-Winning Bartender JP Fetherston on Creating the Perfect Italian Cocktail

The cocktails at the Columbia Room in Washington, D.C., might best be described as heady. They make you think as you sip, which makes perfect sense when the menu is …

district la

Mixing It Up

Esther Tseng

L.A.’s Tony Gonzales Mixes Up Cocktails with an Unexpected Twist at DISTRICT

When it comes to cocktails at DISTRICT inside the elegant Sheraton Grand Los Angeles, the drinks are more than aperitifs, digestifs or even accompaniments to a guest’s meal — they’re …

ravin buzzell

Mixing It Up

Robin Bennefield

You Never Know What May Inspire This Bartender’s Classic Cocktail Creations

The trend in cocktails these days is pretty simple – keep it classic. Mixologist Ravin Buzzell generally holds true to this credo. But then again, he has found ways to …

freddie sarkis

Eat + Drink

Samantha Lande

Famed Mixologist Freddie Sarkis on His Art-Driven Partnership with The Gwen

Freddie Sarkis is no stranger to the world of creative cocktails. He has led the bar program at some of the most inventive bars throughout Chicago, mixing up drinks at …

jw marriott hong kong bartender bryson rivera

Mixing It Up

Robin Bennefield

Bryson Rivera Serves Cocktails with a Hint of Old Hollywood in Hong Kong

For Bryson Rivera, the art of a great cocktail is the art of great storytelling. It might be the reason that he consistently appears at the top of Hong Kong’s …

amsterdam bars

Mixing It Up

Tracey Lindeman

The Gate’s Steven Butcher on Mixing It Up in One of the World’s Busiest Airports

Steven Butcher has been bartending his entire adult life — which, at 43, makes him somewhat of an elixir expert. For nearly two decades he’s honed his skills mixing cocktails …

Punch Room

Mixing It Up

Amber Gibson

Mixologist Bob Peters Talks Garden-to-Glass Cocktails and Charlotte’s Spirits Scene

Bob Peters is easily Charlotte’s most renowned mixologist. His brand of fine dining cocktails exhibit unparalleled taste, balance and depth, which have earned him a devoted following among locals and …

will lee

Mixing It Up

Samantha Lande

Grey Ghost Mixologist Will Lee on Detroit’s Burgeoning Bar Scene

Will Lee didn’t set out to become one of Detroit’s most well-known mixologists; it just happened. He started bartending at the age of 19 to support himself during art school …