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Spin City: Best Cycling Studios in Orlando

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If you’re an indoor-cycling fiend, you know spinning is an addiction. The pulsating music and energetic choreography — not to mention the searing calorie burn — deliver such a high that you just won’t be satisfied with a typical hotel fitness facility. Here are three Orlando gyms with cycle classes that’ll give you the fix you need.


Laura Allen shakes things up at Sweat, the spinning maven’s 2,000-square-foot exercise studio. She offers straight-laced 50-minute cycle classes, sure, but many of her 16 weekly stationary outings are “crazy fun” variations.

Class begins on the seat of a brand new Johnny G spinner, but don’t get too comfortable — between songs, you’ll be ordered to perform a leg workout or biometric exercise until the next tune pops up.

And in Allen’s Spin-Row-Climb, you’ll do modified triathlon-style exercises using the rowing and step machines as well.

The Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health

One of Central Florida’s most respected fitness facilities, The Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health is tucked into the Celebration Health hospital just south of Disney World. Its monster cycling room has 20 TechoGym indoor bikes with digital displays showing RPM, heart rate, distance and calories.

Some of each week’s seven classes are freestyle — others follow Les Mills scripts, led by specially trained instructors who’ve mastered the international program’s itinerary. Look out for speed changes, sitting and standing, and hand movements, ultimately burning up to 675 calories in a single 45-minute session.

Pro tip: Get a $10 day pass free with a spa service.

RDV Sportsplex

RDV Sportsplex is known as a mega-fitness complex that “accommodates everyone,” as Fitness Manager Niki Davis says, so its cycle room has a whopping 60 LifeFitness stationary bikes, each positioned with a clear view of the instructor’s stage, and a roster of 17 classes each week.

Sunday’s 75-minute freestyle version is popular, although out-of-towners often join local fitness fans for the 30- to 75-minute Group Ride sessions.

Group Rides follow Mossa’s choreographed movements and accompanying soundtrack. R30 is a half-hour version for short rides, Group Ride is a 55-minute challenge, and G Force is a 75-minute super-workout.