The relaxing Sea Breeze Beach Club. (Photo: Petr Myska)

Punta de Mita

3 Places to Enjoy Sunset and a Sundowner in Punta de Mita

A beach vacation isn’t complete without enjoying the sunset at least once. Watching the sun sink below the horizon and then illuminate the sky with a range of reds, oranges, and purples is one of life’s great pleasures.

Sunsets in Punta de Mita seem to change on a daily basis. In the dry season, you can watch the sun go down like a brilliant illuminated ball, while in the rainy season, the clouds create a colorful palette and designs that you have to see to believe.

Here are our suggestions for the best places to see the sunset in Punta de Mita.

punta de mita bars
Sip and savor at sunset in Punta de Mita. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sea Breeze Beach Club

After enjoying a day in the two-level infinity pool or paddleboarding around the water at the Sea Breeze Beach Club, be sure to stick around to bid goodbye to the day with a sensational sunset.

You can watch it from the pool with a cocktail in hand, or head to Mita Mary, a restaurant that’s out on the sand. There, you can enjoy a Mita Mary cocktail, their version of a Bloody Mary, or a frosty beer, or one of their mocktails. If you’re staying at the St. Regis, you can also take a romantic stroll on the beach to watch the sun set while your feet get tickled by the waves.

The Huichol Walk

punta de mita bars
The impressive mosaic at the W. (Photo: Mark Knight)

An impressive mosaic walkway made of 700,000 pieces, adorned with traditional Huichol (an indigenous group) symbols, extends from the W Punta de Mita’s reception area all the way out to the beach. A bridge that crosses the pool offers the most impressive view of the mosaic. As the sun begins to set, the yellow and green pieces of the mosaic shine as if they were illuminated from below.

Meanwhile, a DJ plays in the background, sometimes accompanied by a live violnist or harmonica player, and you can watch the sun sink below the horizon, seemingly to the rhythm of the music. With more than 40 exclusive cocktails to choose from, you’ll find the perfect drink to enjoy while the sun sets right before your eyes.

Sunset sail

For a special sunset experience you won’t forget, head out on a sunset sail on Banderas Bay. A private boat just for you and your partner or a special group of friends is an exclusive experience. A private chef will prepare a meal for you and you can sit down to dine just as the sun begins to disappear. Make sure you save some champagne to toast as the sun sets on your special day.