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Road Trips

6 Amazing Hotels to Plan a Caribbean or Latin American Road Trip Around

The relatively compact islands of the Caribbean and Latin America’s spectacular landscapes make for fertile grounds for getting in the car and setting out on a road trip to remember. Whether you’re visiting a fascinating…
Romantic Getaways

Ready to Heat Things Up? These 7 Romantic Trips Are Worth the Wait

Many places across this great, wide world can claim syrupy sunsets and star-spangled skies. When it comes to pouring on the love endorphins, however, not all destinations are equally romantic. And while places like Paris…
Where to Travel Next

Tap Your Inner Astrologer: Where to Travel Next Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Planning your year of travel and stumped on where to start? Let your sun sign be your guide. According to astrology, each sign grants certain traits that are universal to anyone born during that sign’s…
Eat + Drink

These 5 Restaurants Are Next-Level Local in the Caribbean and Latin America

From Mexico to Chile, Latin America is a foodie paradise for those with a preference for ingredients harvested in nearby orchards, fair treatment of the region’s producers and dishes with local flavor. If this speaks…
Road Trips

Transformative Experiences Await on 5 Spiritual Road Trips Around the World

Energy vortices. Power spots. Ley lines. No matter what you choose to call them, these sites believed to be intense swirling energy centers have had a gravitational pull on people since the dawn of time….
Health + Fitness

You Deserve a Reset: 8 Wellness Experiences to Revive Body and Mind

While the act of traveling can help lead to feelings of rejuvenation, sometimes we need a little extra help to recharge our batteries. Luckily, wherever you’re headed in the world, you can find an activity…
Tips + Trends

10 Trips to Add to Your Travel Vision Board

Why wax nostalgic about travels gone by when the option exists to look ahead to future trips? There’s no need to wait until the start of a new year to plan dreamworthy vacations — we’ve…
Culture + Style

Past Meets Present at These 6 Hotels with Extraordinary Histories

Whether it’s the former site of Incan ruins, or a space that once housed royalty and shaped the world’s geo-political landscape, you don’t have to be a history buff to be fascinated with a hotel’s…