Illustration of a person looking at zodiac signs in sky

Let the stars be your vacation guides. (Illustration: Yeji Kim)

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Tap Your Inner Astrologer: Where to Travel Next Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Planning your year of travel and stumped on where to start? Let your sun sign be your guide.

According to astrology, each sign grants certain traits that are universal to anyone born during that sign’s cycle. Match your sign’s characteristics to a destination’s unique vibe and you have a match made in the heavens.

As always, check for travel guidelines and closures before planning your trip.


Illustration of Capricorn zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

It’s all about the money, money, money for Capricorns — and they’ve worked hard for it. Caps are experts at navigating finances and are excellent savers, so they likely have enough funds in stowage for Singapore.

The well-heeled setting of “Crazy Rich Asians” is where Capricorns will find plenty of opportunities to exercise their credit cards and find a few networking opps in the meantime. After all, for Capricorns, every vacation is bleisure.

Singapore is full of luxe shopping and Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s also where you’ll find The Singapore EDITION, an ultra-chic hotel that embodies the country’s unique balance of gentle, calming yin and bustling, energetic yang.


Illustration of Aquarius zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

Mystical or spiritual exploration? Aquarians are into it. And Machu Picchu in Peru is a bucket-list-worthy destination for this air sign.

The mythology and speculation around Machu Picchu are widely known. It is understood to have been an estate or religious site for the Incas until the 16th century. Today, the UNESCO world heritage site continues to inspire awe in those who visit.

Before heading into the misty mountains for a tour of Machu Picchu, you’ll have to spend a night or two in Cusco, a terracotta-hued city with the beautiful JW Marriott El Convento Cusco, a former Augustinian convent, at its center. Though the building has been fully transformed, you can view ancient Inca ruins in the basement.


Illustration of Pisces zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

There’s nothing Pisces won’t like about Seattle — moody weather, long chats in storied coffeehouses, plenty of opportunities to be near the water. Guided by their emotions, Pisces are bound to love the Pacific Northwest, and the Seattle Marriott Waterfront is the perfect backdrop for a seaside sojourn.

Visit spots like the Seattle AquariumChihuly Garden and Glass, and the Seattle Art Museum to get in touch with your deeper side.

Stop by Pike Place Market and the home of the very first Starbucks Coffee location before heading back to the Seattle Marriott Waterfront to sip your brew while enjoying the view of Elliott Bay.


Illustration of Aries zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

If there’s anything Aries look for in a vacation destination, it’s adventure and excitement. (Bragging rights don’t hurt, either.) These warriors are always looking for somewhere far-flung and super fun, and Phuket, Thailand, is where the party doesn’t stop. Whether it’s a beach bash on a sugary strip of sand or an all-night club hop, Aries are in it to bring home travel stories that will leave their friends speechless.

The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket is just what an Aries needs to unwind after a long day of adventuring and before heading back out on the town for round two. With panoramic sea views and a showstopping infinity pool, the hotel offers a relaxing respite from Phuket’s nonstop fun.


Illustration of Taurus zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

A picturesque destination where comfort and luxury are around every corner? Sign a Taurus up. The bull is all for anything that caters to cozy creature comforts, and Switzerland — known as the priciest country in Europe — is just the place to indulge by a fireplace, enjoy a foamy Swiss coffee and watch the beauty around you.

Overlooking the Alps and Lake Geneva, the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, Autograph Collection is elegant and timeless. The building is an example of the opulence of late-19th-century Belle Epoque architecture and design, which is carried through the plush rooms and the stunning dining concept, Le 45.


Illustration of Gemini zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

With Geminis, you get both sides of the coin. On one hand, they’re friendly, flirty and gifted with gab. On the other, they’re introspective, impulsive and intelligent. Tunis, Tunisia, with its friendly locals and heaps of history, is a sweet spot for the sign of the twins.

In the heart of Tunisia’s capital city, the Tunis Marriott Hotel is the perfect spot from which to explore. Wander the romantic alleyways of the historical center, and visit the ruins of Carthage and the Bardo Museum, full of locally revered antiquities. Visitors will find that many locals are ready with recommendations for authentic experiences, and chatty Geminis should feel right at home in their company.


Illustration of Cancer zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

A visit to the enchanting city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, will feel like a homecoming to this water sign. With a rich maritime history and a sense of comfort and familiarity, the city’s vibe is warm and welcoming — perfect for Cancers.

Halifax’s vibrant cultural, culinary and art scenes offer opportunities for the intuitive sign to explore deeper connections. Cancers love a place where they can indulge in reflective moments, and they’ll find solace in the serene beauty of places like Peggy’s Cove and Cabot Trail.

With incredible sea views, Muir, Autograph Collection, is where Cancers should set up shop in Halifax. The hotel, named for the famed naturalist, is home to the most desirable waterfront terrace, a private art gallery, a hidden speakeasy and a spa where Cancers will feel pampered and blissed out.


Illustration of Leo zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

Confident, friendly, loyal: Leos have exactly what makes the Second City a place the lion will love. Chicago’s unique brand of Midwest niceties and big-city ambition offers plenty of opportunities for fun-loving Leos to make friends and enjoy life — traits that come easily to them.

The Moxy Chicago Downtown will cater to this sense of confidence and charisma. Set in the River North neighborhood, this funky hotel oozes dynamism and spirit, and Chicago’s impressive skyline will make Leos feel on top of the world. Settle in for a cocktail at Bar Moxy before hitting the town, full of positive and playful vibes.


Illustration of Virgo zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

Virgos appreciate precision and logic in all they see and do, so they’re sure to find calm in Calgary’s meticulous city planning. Known as the “cleanest city in Canada” for good reason, Calgary is lauded for its well-organized urban layout, modern and sleek architecture, and efficient, easy-to-use public transportation system.

At Delta Hotels by Marriott Calgary Downtown, you’ll be right in the center of the city’s action while remaining close to the mountains and other outdoor adventures Virgos also love. The welcoming vibe and famous Canadian politesse will have Virgos looking up Calgary’s real estate market in no time.


Illustration of Libra zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

Friendly, intelligent and frank — all things that make Libras lovable — Dublin’s vibe oozes “cool-girl” energy. Dublin is a balanced destination for the sign of the scales, with its vibrant culture and opportunities for tranquility.

The city’s convivial atmosphere will speak to Libras on a visceral level, while its historical heritage — it was home to literary greats like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde — will play to Libra’s intellectual side. If you need a break from the urban bustle, wander over and take a scenic (and extremely photogenic) walk along the River Liffey.

The lively Aloft Dublin City has the perfect atmosphere for meaningful and memorable connections to bloom for Libra.


Illustration of Scorpio zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

Intense and transformative, Scorpios will find their spirit destination in Goa, India. From private and secluded beaches to rich spiritual heritage, this alluring coastal paradise has much to appeal to Scorpios.

On the other hand, the sign of the scorpion will find passionate energy in Goa’s nightlife, which fills beach parties and eclectic events up and down the shoreline. Make sure to learn about the evolving Goan drinks scene while you’re in the area.

At W Goa, Scorpios will find the same intensity, self-discovery and immersion in Indian culture. The beachfront resort is the gateway to West India’s famous New Age raves and is a spot to see and be seen.


Illustration of Sagittarius zodiac sign
(Illustration: Yeji Kim)

Destined to fall in love with the lush landscape and dynamic energy of Rio de Janeiro, Sagittarii will find themselves the center of attention on the iconic beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema (as well as the city’s secret coves and beaches).

Sagittarii are free-spirited and outgoing, so Brazil is an ideal locale for flexing their adventurous and optimistic nature, whether joining beach volleyball and soccer pickup games or sipping caipirinhas on the promenade.

The waterfront Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort is where the lush and tropical meets the sandy and sensual. With 538 hotel rooms and suites, it offers serial Sagittarius overpackers (no such thing as too many bathing suits in Brazil, after all) space for all of their luggage — along with the dozen or so friends they brought with them.