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Weekend Getaways

8 Hotels for Unforgettable Weekend Getaways in Latin America and the Caribbean

For a weekend getaway that offers the perfect blend of excitement, natural beauty and pure relaxation, Latin America and the Caribbean put forth a heady mix of destinations and experiences that can pack as much…
Weekend Getaways

3 Days in Lima, Peru: Urban Archaeology, World-Class Meals and Much More

A cultural and culinary epicenter, Lima, Peru, offers pops of archaeology and adventure in unexpected places. The city’s clifftop location above the Pacific Ocean lends natural allure, while skyscrapers and street art add urban appeal….
Road Trips

6 Amazing Hotels to Plan a Caribbean or Latin American Road Trip Around

The relatively compact islands of the Caribbean and the spectacular landscapes of Latin America make for fertile grounds for getting in the car and setting out on a road trip to remember.  Whether you’re visiting…
Tips + Trends

There’s #NoFilter Needed at 8 Insta-Worthy Hotels in the Caribbean and Latin America

From calm turquoise seas and white sand beaches to lush forests and vibrant cities, there’s no shortage of photo inspo in the Caribbean and Latin America. Here, we take a look at eight of the…
Romantic Getaways

Ready to Heat Things Up? These 7 Romantic Trips Are Worth the Wait

Many places across this great, wide world can claim syrupy sunsets and star-spangled skies. When it comes to pouring on the love endorphins, however, not all destinations are equally romantic. And while places like Paris…
Where to Travel Next

Tap Your Inner Astrologer: Where to Travel Next Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Planning your year of travel and stumped on where to start? Let your sun sign be your guide. According to astrology, each sign grants certain traits that are universal to anyone born during that sign’s…

Beaches or Mountains: Where Will You Find Solace in the Caribbean and Latin America?

If you’re in need of a break from the stress of city life, you’re not the only one. Whether it is in the Chilean mountains or on a sunny tropical beach in the Caribbean, get…
Culture + Style

6 Sacred Sites and How to Responsibly Visit Them

When traveling, the number one rule is to be respectful of the local culture, and visiting sacred sites that hold significance to Indigenous people fosters an understanding of traditions and history that goes deeper than…
Tips + Trends

Where to Learn Mezcal Tasting, Sailing and More in the Caribbean and Latin America

When traveling, lessons naturally emerge at every corner, twist and turn of the journey — from revelations of a culture’s nuances to discovering a new hobby or learning something new about yourself. Still, some trips…
Tips + Trends

Travel Sustainably at These 5 Hotels in the Caribbean and Latin America

To be a responsible traveler, it’s not enough to be informed about your holiday destination. Nowadays, travelers should also be committed to generating a minimum impact on the environments they visit and contribute to their…