Rio de Janeiro

Easy Squeezy: What to Order at Rio’s Juice Bars

Eat + Drink

Georgia Grimond
A staple of Rio de Janeiro’s street life, brightly colored juice, or suco, bars dot many of the city’s street corners. These perpetually busy bars offer a wide selection of …

Kid-Friendly Rio? Yes, It Exists.


Sheila Taylor
Beaches like Ipanema, pictured above, are just the beginning of kid-friendly fun in Rio. (Photo: Alamy)
Rio de Janeiro is mainly considered an adult playground thanks to its Carnival-like atmosphere …

Why Rio’s Port Zone Is the New Beach

Tips + Trends

Rafael Barifouse
The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio’s trendy Port Zone has become an architectural icon in the city. (Photo: Alamy)
In the not-too-distant past, no carioca (Rio local) would have recommended …