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Health + Fitness

The World’s Blue Zones Beckon with Culture, Serenity and Secrets to a Longer Life

With wellness tourism showing no signs of slowing down, travelers continue to find new ways to focus on their physical, mental and emotional well-being when they’re on vacation. The latest trend? It’s travel to Blue…
Culture + Style

The 9 Best Vacation Villas for Summer in the Mediterranean

Whether you’re looking for a romantic break, a family escape or a beachfront getaway with friends in the Mediterranean, these exquisitely appointed and indulgently spacious vacation villas will make this summer a truly memorable one….

6 of Europe’s Must-See Natural Wonders That Deliver on the ‘Wow’ Factor

Europe has natural wonders galore. From France’s own ‘grand canyon’ to Italy’s ‘Caribbean’ beaches, here are six European destinations with major wow factor. As always, check for travel guidelines and closures before planning your trip….
Eat + Drink

Where to Taste (and Live!) the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean way of life is rightly renowned as one of the healthiest and most sustainable ways to live. Across the region, meals are considered an occasion — a reason to savor being together with…
Beach Travel

The World’s Most Exceptional Beaches Are Waiting — Here’s Where to Take the Plunge

If you’re dreaming of carefree days with warm breezes and the scent of salt and pine in the air — then the coast is calling. Switch off the phone, leave the laptop behind and savor…
Health + Fitness

Whether You Sail, Ski or Love Grand Prix, Plan a Vacation Based on Your Favorite Sport

Fancy a game of tennis at a court overlooking the Atlantic Ocean? Or golf in the Sahara? Whether you’re a beach bum or prefer the winter sun, here’s how to plan your next vacation based…
How to Travel Better

Hotel-to-Table: Dine Sustainably with 9 Hyperlocal Food Experiences

For travelers forever searching to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives, the where and how of their food and drink sourcing is just as important as the enchanting locale in which their meals are served….
Beach Travel

7 Europe Island-Hopping Escapes for Every Type of Traveler

Seeking the perfect Mediterranean island for your next escape? Whether you’re in search of adventure, connecting with family and friends, or rekindling romance during your sandy sojourn, we’ve rounded up seven of the very best…