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A Magical Guide to Traditional and Alternative Festive Experiences in Europe

The festive period is cherished for so many different reasons. Some people delight in the traditional food and drink, like mulled wine and stollen fruit bread, that are savored at this time of year. Others…
Weekend Getaways

From Urban Oases to Seaside Retreats: 9 Hotels for a Weekend Getaway in Europe

For many travelers, an ideal weekend getaway includes a mix of activities and relaxation. Some are drawn to cultural or adventure outings; for others, the perfect mini-break is lounging poolside with a good book. The…
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How to Celebrate Europe’s Festive Traditions from Christmas to NYE and Beyond

Europe’s holiday season is a wonderful time to travel and enjoy new-to-you Yuletide and New Year’s Eve traditions, not to mention festive food and drink. From the snowy landscapes of Scandinavia to the shores of…
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7 Music Festivals Worth Traveling for Any Time of Year

When you love music and the arts (and who doesn’t?), it’s always festival season somewhere. Bringing together some of the best entertainers, performers and creative minds, festivals are well worth traveling for — solo or…
Romantic Getaways

7 of the Most Romantic Destinations in Europe, Middle East and Africa

There’s nothing more romantic than making an escape à deux. From moonlit walks through atmospheric Edinburgh to candlelit dinners in Marrakech and lazy lie-ins in sultry Muscat, it’s time to cast off the quotidian and…
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Travel by Train: 6 Unforgettable Journeys by Rail in Europe and Africa

Simply put, traveling by train is a smart choice: easier than buses, more relaxing than driving and far more sustainable than flying. An added bonus? In many destinations, riding the rails is also an unbridled…

From Italy and Turkey to Tanzania, Lakefront Wonders Await at 8 Gorgeous Vacation Spots

If warm weather, waterfront views and outdoor recreation are what you seek, get creative your vacation to a coast. Switch up your version of a beach escape with a visit one of these eight incredible…

Find Nature’s Most Exquisite Backdrops in These 9 National Parks Around the Globe

Out-of-this-world landscapes, breathtaking natural landmarks, daredevil peaks, fairy-tale giants and incredible concerts of flora and fauna: There is so much beauty to discover across the world in real time. These nine national parks in Europe…
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From Snowy Spots to Balmy Beaches, Where to Travel in December for Every Type of Traveler

December is the perfect time for illuminated destinations, from a castle of light to a bioluminescent bay. You’ll find deals in the off-season of early December and Instagram-worthy celebrations around the world toward month’s end….

Live the #SportLife? Up Your Athletic Skills or Learn a New-to-You Sport as You Travel

Imagine yourself surfing a huge blue wave, riding a magnificent horse or hitting a hole-in-one on a legendary golf course. Worldwide, you can make your sporting dreams come true — safely and confidently — when…