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Weekend Getaways

From Australia to South Korea: 7 Hotels for Weekend Getaways in Asia and the Pacific

Whether you’re smack dab in the heart of a pulsating metropolis or hiding away in a secluded tropical paradise, choosing the right accommodations is crucial to ensuring a truly relaxing and enriching trip.   The…
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These 5 Hotels Go All Out for the Holidays in Asia and the Pacific

Perhaps as a child you dreamed of spending the holidays in a marvelous setting with a cozy fireplace, lots of presents and festive decorations. Or maybe you wished for a warm-weather holiday near the beach….
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These 8 Destinations in Asia and Australia Are a Bleisure Traveler’s Dream

Imagine starting your day by an oceanfront pool, laptop and cup of coffee in hand, and clocking out in the afternoon for a mountain trek or swim in the sea. If this sounds like perfection,…

8 Cities with Spectacular, and Sustainable, Green Spaces

Historically, urban green spaces have provided relaxation and calm amid chaotic city living. But as the world evolves and climate issues take center stage, the important role trees and plants play in lowering carbon emissions…
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Make Waves Around the Globe at 8 Spectacular City Beaches

Waterfront cities offer unrivaled charm. Cool breezes on a warm summer’s day. Lively boardwalks buzzing with joggers and cyclists. The chance to slip away to a city beach in the middle of a workweek. Natural…
Weekend Getaways

Ready for a 3-Day Getaway? 6 Exceptional Weekend Vacation Spots in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is such an alluring region that it can be extremely hard to know where to go — especially if you only have a few days. In its cities, ancient temples glow gold beneath…

Movers And Shakers: A Bartender’s Guide To Singapore’s Best Cocktail Bars

In the space of a decade, Singapore has established itself as a cocktail powerhouse– not just in Asia, but globally. In 2023, Singaporean bartenders and bar owners watched Asia’s 50 Best Bars reveal with interest…

5 Ways to Eat Well in Singapore

For centuries, immigrants from all corners of the earth have made this island on the equator their home, and there are many merits to this, especially gastronomic. In Singapore restaurants, it’s often hard to distinguish…

Meet Me in Venice? Tales of a Vacation Boyfriend and a Romance That Spans the Globe

“I like this thing we’re doing,” Sam said, gazing at me with big green eyes as we sipped Aperol spritzes in a Venetian bar in the city’s Sant’Elena neighborhood. “Meeting in a new country every…

Beach Bums, Thrill-Seekers or Party People? Where to Honeymoon Based on Personality

There’s no denying it: A honeymoon is magical. You’re in the throes of just-married bliss, whisked away to an enchanted, beautiful, far-off place you’ve always dreamed about with your new life partner. The first hurdle,…