pictures of santa monica palm trees

Santa Monica

7 Photos That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags for Santa Monica

A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures of Santa Monica inspire wanderlust. (Photos: Getty Images)

Santa Monica, one of the more popular destinations in the City of Angels, has a lot to offer, from its urban luxuries to a bevy of natural wonders. If you’re still somehow toying with the idea of taking a trek, here are seven stellar shots that will make you want to pack your bags for Santa Monica- stat!

These Flowers

Santa Monica gardens

Thanks to its climate, Santa Monica features a cacophony of gorgeous flowers. Locals cultivate their own beautiful plots at Santa Monica’s community gardens, while Palisades Park is the place for those without a green thumb to scope them all out. It’s a picturesque place that takes the term “Stop and Smell the Roses” literally. And for good reason.

These Trees

Santa Monica palm trees

Because it just seems like Santa Monica trees grow taller and burst with color more than anywhere else.

This Building

Santa Monica hotels

The classic, sleek, and sometimes quirky nature of Santa Monica architecture is always apparent, especially when it comes to The Georgian Hotel. Located near the city’s famed pier, the hotel opened its doors in 1933 and has been a must-see destination ever since.

Those Drives

Santa Monica beach

For better or worse, cars have always been front and center in Los Angeles life. Fortunately, cruising through Santa Monica is a little more chill than speeding around the rest of the city. It could be because of swoon-worthy views like this, as you coast down beautifully manicured streets surrounded by the community’s ubiquitous palm trees.

These Tacos

Santa Monica tacos

When it comes to mouthwateringly classic SoCal meals, nothing quite comes close to the area’s penchant for churning out some of the best tacos the world has to offer. In Santa Monica, the Blue Plate specializes in their own brand of this guilt-free comfort food.

This Community

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica has you covered whether you’re looking for an energetic getaway or something more laid back. With all of the charms of a small town and the conveniences of a big city, there’s something for everyone.

That Sunset

Santa Monica sunset

It just doesn’t get better than this.