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City Sips: 7 Cups of Coffee in Bogotá

Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia also doubles as a coffee capital. These charming cafés, each with its own unique quirks, origin stories and décor, are some of the best spots to taste Colombian coffee. From a 19th century-styled parlor room to a compact café housed in a recycled shipping container, there’s a coffee shop for every taste and mood in Bogotá.


Playing up the theme of coffee and its origins, the name of this café pays homage to the coffee flower. Roasted and green coffees are the highlights at this sleek warehouse-style café, outfitted with exposed pipes and soothing colors. All Azahar’s coffees are sourced from Colombian farmers. At any given time, three or four coffees are featured at this café.


bogota coffee
(Photo: Cafe Devocio)

Touting themselves as the world’s only farm-to-table coffee roaster, this Bogotá coffee retailer located in the La Porciúncula neighborhood is designed like an old-school apothecary. Order a cup of any of the 17 coffee varieties on offer, prepared in one of five brewing methods: espresso, siphon, pour-over, French press and Kyoto cold slow drip.


bogota coffee
(Photo: Courtesy of MASA)

Come for the rich Colombian coffee, stay for the scrumptious, freshly-made baked goods, such as the almond croissant or the caramel pecan danish. MASA is a local favorite, with locations in the Usaqúen and Chapinero neighborhoods featuring modern minimalist design. Espresso, cappuccino and americano are just a few of the ways you can order your coffee.

Contraste Coffee LAB

Head into the lab with a visit to Contraste Coffee LAB, located in the bustling district of La Candelaria. This cozy shop, with accent colors of black and white, features the AeroPress preparation method, along with various drip options. If you’re hungry, grab a bite to eat at its vegetarian café, Papaya.

El Altillo

bogota coffee
(Photo: Courtesy of El Altillo)

The eggshell colored walls and comfy couches, along with the artful touches of faux ants crawling up one wall and the scaffolding above the coffee bar, give this garden-esque café a cozy touch. Found in the Usaquén neighborhood, their sandwiches and pastries are naturally tasty accompaniments to locally-sourced coffees.

Arte y Pasión

Holding true to the name of this café, the “art” and “passion” of coffee, paired with an emphasis on teaching baristas new techniques, are central here. The café has two locations, the original of which is closest to the renowned Museo del Oro. Drink up any of the 12 Colombia single-origin varieties prepared using one of eight brewing methods.

Café Cultor

bogota coffee
(Photo: Courtesy of Cafe Cultor)

This compact coffee shop, found in Bogotá’s Zona G (next to the popular co-working space, Impact Hub), is housed in a recycled shipping container that even has a rooftop deck. Ask any of the baristas about their 10 varieties of coffee and some of the specialty ones, all of which are fair-trade.