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Stroll the streets of Sayulita and explore the many boutiques and galleries. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Punta de Mita’s 5 Best Boutiques for Clothes and Accessories

If you’re looking for clothes and accessories to complete your “look” while you’re on vacation in Punta de Mita, or if you want to take home the perfect handcraft as a memento of your trip, Punta de Mita has a small selection of elegant boutiques where you can shop.

Here are some of our favorites:

Calaverita de Mita

This beautiful shop, located on El Anclote Avneue, offers a selection of clothing, souvenirs, and accessories that are made in the area and in other parts of Mexico.

You’ll find dreamcatchers, beautiful ceramics, and objects to hang on your wall, as well as “beach chic” clothing. It will be tough to leave this shop with empty hands.

Isla Mita Boutique

punta de mita shopping
Upgrade your beach style. (Photo: Susannah Rigg)

Located in the Kupuri Beach Club, Isla Mita Boutique has everything for that beach style you’re striving to pull off, from colorful caftans to beach bags. If you need a bathing suit or if you’ve forgotten your sunscreen, Isla Mita has upscale one-pieces and bikinis, as well as reef-friendly sunscreen made by California suffers.

The boutique also sells a selection of handcrafts and small souvenirs that you can buy as gifts for family…all without having to leave the beach.

Mar de Sueños

Located in the modern Plaza Ollin, a mall and entertainment center in Punta de Mita, Mar de Sueños carries an excellent line of brand-name clothing and accessories.

If you need a high-quality hat or a new bathing suit, it’s worth stopping by this shop and asking the owners, Rosario and Ángel, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Or if you don’t feel like leaving your hotel, they can bring a selection of items directly to your room for you to “shop” from.

María Bonita

Also located in Plaza Ollin, María Bonita is a charming shop full of high-quality Mexican art and handcrafts. It has a little of everything to offer, including handmade textiles and ceramics.

This is Mexican art and design at its highest level, and you might just find that you need another suitcase to bring home everything you purchase here.

Revolución del Sueño

punta de mita shopping
Viva la revolución. (Photo: Susannah Rigg)

While not in Punta de Mita, this design shop in Sayulita (just 20 minutes by car) is worth a visit. It has pillows emblazoned with Frida Kahlo and surfboards, or Emilio Zapata on a Fixie bike.

The designs are inspired by Mexican traditions and contemporary fashion, resulting in a line that’s kitschy and colorful, sure to brighten up your home and make you feel like your trip never quite ended.

La Isla, Puerto Vallarta

And for those who want to spend all day shopping or who are in search of international stores, La Isla Puerto Vallarta has many options. Just 40 minutes from Punta de Mita, you’ll find a variety of styles and brands, as well as a variety of prices.

While you’re there, it’s worth exploring the clothing and handcraft shops in the town to see if you can find something locally made that you can’t live without.