patrons at the rome edition enjoying appetizers and drinks

The Rome EDITION, W Rome and The St. Regis Rome offer their own unique interpretations of aperitivo hour, a beloved Italian tradition. (Photo: Marriott International)

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Enjoying Aperitivo Hour in Rome’s Most Stunning Settings

Come aperitivo time, watering holes in Rome come alive, as locals and guests gather to sip expertly mixed cocktails and savory bites prepared with true Italian flair. And there’s no better place to enjoy these pre-dinner drinks and snacks than an inviting hotel bar or communal area. 

Gracing Italy’s Eternal City, each of the following spots offers its own unique, sleekly designed interpretation of aperitivo and Rome’s glamorous spirit. As always, check for travel guidelines and closures before planning your trip. 

Gaze Upon the Eternal City from The Rome EDITION’s Rooftop 

view of the garden courteyard at the rome edition
At The Rome EDITION, aperitivo is typically enjoyed outdoors, in spaces like the lush courtyard called The Garden.(Photo: Marriott International)

Modern cuisine and cocktails take center stage at The Rome EDITION, where aperitivo options showcase the brand’s signature designs, housed within a striking building at the corner of modern luxury and history. 

“At The Rome EDITION, aperitif is typically served in the outdoor space of our venues,” explains the hotel’s celebrated chef Paola Colucci. “The ambiance is both warm and convivial. It resembles a small oasis, instilling a sense of being transported far away from the bustling city.” 

Colucci continues, “The setting is minimalist, yet refined, with the set pieces, such as the cutlery rests and bread plates, crafted by skilled female Roman ceramists. Their design is understated, showcasing natural hues to [harmonize] with the overall space aesthetic. Each piece is handcrafted, making it truly one-of-a-kind.” 

For spectacular city views, head up to the seventh floor The Roof, with its travertine plunge pool and large bar area overlooking the Pantheon and the Acqua Paola Fountain. When the sun sets, The Roof morphs into a stylish bar attracting a hip crowd who come to enjoy innovative cocktails and aperitivo over Rome’s mesmerizing sunset. 

Lying at the heart of the hotel is The Garden, a lush courtyard with more than 400 plants and jasmine tumbling over the building’s Rationalist façade. It’s a striking sight, with teak wood banquettes and lanterns creating a laid-back, secluded ambience that evokes the feeling of an Italian piazza. Exquisitely prepared cocktails inspired by Italian gardens and featuring Mediterranean flavors are accompanied by light bites from Paola’s kitchen. 

“Aperitivo is such an important moment for Italians, but I rarely find high-standard offerings for this occasion, especially in hotels,” continues Paola. “This is why we [prioritize] the same premium ingredients and level of culinary sophistication as those featured in our restaurant, Anima.” 

Harmoniously pairing the flavors of food and drink is crucial to the aperitivo experience. “The dishes are in pure Mediterranean style, catering to a diverse range of tastes,” explains Paola. “They encompass both land and sea-based delicacies, while also being mindful of vegetarian dietary preferences.” 

“The signature drinks enhance the unique attributes of the dishes,” says Paola, “fresh essences and herbs, largely mirroring the ingredients found in the dishes themselves, are [utilized], including lemon thyme, which is also incorporated into some of my culinary creations.” 

Savor Fritti and Zesty Cocktails at W Rome 

patrons enjoying drinks and pizza at w rome's rooftop
Featuring zesty cocktails and delicious morsels, including award-winning pizza, W Rome’s rooftop Seu Pizza con Vista aperitivo offering is second to none (Photo: Marriott International)

In the summer, W Rome’s rooftop Seu Pizza con Vista is the place to be. The bar offers a fabulous al fresco experience, with seating under breeze-kissed awnings and cushioned seating shaded by lush foliage and lemon trees. 

“The aperitivo at W Rome is an unapologetically all-Italian experience,” enthuses the hotel’s B&F Director Andrea Scanu. “At Seu Pizza con Vista our cocktails can be sipped with fritti and wonderful pizza, while enjoying a spectacular sunset over the roofs of Rome, spanning from the Pantheon to the Altare della Patria, and the ‘Square Colosseum.’” 

The cocktail list is as rich as the views, from the zesty El Picante, made with red vodka, lime, chili syrup, passion fruit and ginger beer, to the Tutti Frutti Daiquiri made with rum, sugar, lime and seasonal fruit.  

Complementing the drinks menu are flavorful bites including crudos (shrimp and seabass carpaccio; blue fin tuna; oysters) along with bubbling pizzas prepared by Pier Daniele Seu, winner of the Best Pizzaiolo 2022 award. You’ll also find fritti, delicately deep-fried morsels, and supplì, crunchy Roman rice balls with a delicious tomato and cheese filling. “The drinks are designed to bring out the [flavors] of our pizza and raw fish,” says Andrea. 

Complementing Seu Pizza con Vista is W Lounge, with its curved reflective mirrored bar, sleek granite counter and lively splashes of color. “The cocktails here are seasonal,” explains Andrea. “In the warm season, for example, they’re fresh and aromatic.” Enjoy them with delicious Sicilian snacks by Ciccio Sultano. 

“The thing I appreciate the most about aperitivo at W Rome is the informal atmosphere, which welcomes different types of customers, such as groups of friends or families, and encourages sharing,” says Andrea. “A cocktail, a legendary pizza, and views of our beautiful Rome.”  

What more could a visitor to the Eternal City ask for? 

Take Part in The St. Regis Rome’s Champagne Sabrage Ritual 

the st. regis rome's lumen garden
Savor a memorable aperitivo hour in The St. Regis Rome’s Lumen Garden, surrounded by exuberant verdant displays. (Photo: Marriott International)

Nestled among Rome’s historic buildings is the sanctuary of The St. Regis Rome’s Lumen Garden, a verdant haven of peace of climbing vines, jasmine and towering palm trees. As day turns to evening and candlelight plays on mirrors and ceiling installations, guests gather at Lumen, Cocktails and Cuisine, for the signature St. Regis Champagne Sabrage. 

“Every day at 7 p.m., the atmosphere changes and music announces the Sabering show, which attracts both locals and guests,” explains The St. Regis Rome’s F&B Director Fabio Borro. This lively ritual — whose origins are attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte — sees the bottle’s cork removed with a sword, marking the start of the evening ahead. 

“Accompanying the champagne and cocktails is a choice of selected Lumen bites, the Mozzichi, prepared by our Executive Chef Francesco Donatelli,” continues Fabio. “Alongside Roman classics, the freshest seasonal and organic ingredients feature in all our dishes and signature bites.” 

With its ornate mirrors, crystal chandeliers marry and exuberant floral displays, Fabio observes that Lumen’s décor “reflects the timeless beauty of Rome, blending classical elements with contemporary touches and artistic collaborations. What I love most is that Lumen is perceived as a sophisticated Roman salotto, where different communities of art, mixology, cuisine and music are constantly in conversation.” 

This quintessential Roman living space connects to the intimate sapphire-blue Library, where neat rows of carefully selected tomes line shelves. Low lighting and a striking black marble fireplace make this the perfect place for an intimate tête-à-tête.  

Whichever space you choose, aperitivo hour at The St. Regis Rome creates a lifetime of memories.