havasu falls, grand canyon

Havasu Falls. (Photo: Getty Images)


Lace Up Your Boots for a Phoenix-Area Hiking Adventure

In Havasu Canyon a long hike pays off with views of four vibrant blue-green waterfalls. (Photo: Alamy)

Arizona is a hiker’s paradise. With stunning peaks, vibrant red rocks, dozens of trails and exquisite views, there’s a trail here for any level of expertise.

From quick, two-hour hikes to longer three-day excursions, the hiking trails in the region surrounding Phoenix will take your breath away, literally – with elevations reaching up to 12,600 feet, sometimes you need breathe extra hard!

Take Phoenix Hiking to the Next Level

If you’re looking for a real challenge, set out on a 3-day adventure and hike to Havasu Canyon.

At nearly 24 miles roundtrip, you’ll need to do some more planning for this excursion.

An offshoot of the Grand Canyon, Havasu Canyon is currently inhabited by the Havasupai people, traditionally known as the guardians of the Grand Canyon. As you hike your way through the area, you’ll pass the Supai Village.

Once you reach here, you’re in close proximity to four vibrant blue-green waterfalls.

After a long day of hiking under the Arizona sun, cool off near Havasu Falls, a hidden gem of the Grand Canyon.

Featuring a bright turquoise hue, Havasu falls is surrounded by a roaring river and opulent red cliffs.

The best time to make the trek is either early spring or late fall when crowds tend to dwindle.

But if you can’t make it until summer, make sure you’re extra hydrated. Temperatures in the summer can rise to over 100 degrees.

The Trail for Any Skill Level

Embark on a Seven Falls hike for an adventure that will satisfy individuals of all hiking skill levels.

An easy drive from Phoenix, this 7.8-mile trail takes about two hours to complete. As you navigate the winding paths of the Seven Falls Trail, you’ll spot spectacular waterfalls and unforgettable views.

Although this hike is suitable for all ages and skill levels, don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes and bring lots of water.