Experience Arizona’s beauty on a mountain bike ride. (Photo: Getty Images)


Outdoor Adventures in Phoenix and Beyond (That Don’t Involve Hiking)

Phoenix and its surrounding areas are exceptional places to explore the great outdoors, and most people default to doing so on a hike. Truth is, you don’t have to wear a giant pair of hiking boots to enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

Instead of lacing up, invest in Velcro knee and elbow pads for a mountain biking trip, or snap on a helmet and give rock climbing a try; you’re not limited to hiking during your outdoor adventures in Phoenix and beyond.

As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before planning your trip.

Peddle Your Way Around

Rent from REI Co-op Adventure Centers and choose from an array of elite performance bikes for the ultimate off-roading bike trip. Stop in and choose your bike before heading out and discovering awesome Phoenix mountain bike trails and those in areas like Sedona.

You can also order online and request that they deliver your bikes directly to your hotel, so they’re waiting for you the moment you arrive. A convenient add-on that the Adventure Center offers is a Garmin Touring GPS, a navigating tool pre-loaded with customized biking routes to accommodate your ideal mileage, start and end location(s) and elevation change. 

View the Sights from the Saddle

Follow your experienced guide as they take you on a scenic ride through the desert and mountains, passing cacti and uniquely formed rocks along the way. With Ponderosa Stables, Inc. you can choose to do a sunset ride and gaze up at the stars as guides expertly navigate the way back.

They’ve been in the business for nearly 40 years, so they know what they’re doing. Take the trail less trodden and hold on as these magnificent animals take you up the mountain to view the city of Phoenix nestled in the valley down below.

Skim the Mountainside on a Climb

woman rock climbing
See the sights from above on an epic climb. (Photo: Getty Images)

There’s no feeling comparable to holding on to the side of a mountain and finding the next spot to place your foot as you hoist yourself ever higher. Rock climbing is a heart-pounding, thrilling and challenging experience, and Phoenix is one of the most picturesque places to do it.

Regardless if you’re a rock climbing novice or expert, 360 Adventures is happy to find the rock climbing experience most tailored to your skills.

Choose from a half day or full day excursion and rest assured that all the gear will be provided for you, aside from shoes (make sure you wear athletic ones!). All ages are welcome, the only requirement is that everyone is able to fit into all of the gear.

Kick it Up a Notch with ATV Rentals

person on ATV
Whether you choose a standard, sunset, or ghost tour, and ATV experience in the desert is unforgettable. (Photo: Getty Images)

Bounce, zoom, fly and hold on as you take a guided ATV tour of the beautiful Bradshaw Mountains with Arizona Outdoor Fun. Choose from the standard ATV/UTV tour, sunset ATV/UTV tour or guided ghost town ATV/UTV tour.

With the standard tour you can visit ancient Indigenous American ruins where you can sort through rocks and find turquoise stones to bring home, or experience the breathtaking Arizona sunset for yourself on the guided sunset tour.

For avid fans of ghost tales and tv shows like American Horror Story, take the guided ghost ATV/UTV tour. You’re guaranteed to get the goosebumps while visiting three different cemeteries as well as the historic silver mines.