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Finding the Soul of Kyoto in a Tea Cup

The soul of Kyoto, Japan can be found in its ancient tea culture, laying claim to rich tea traditions dating back centuries.
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3 Days in Kyoto: Where to Go and What to Eat in Japan’s Cultural Capital

Kyoto’s historical significance is evident from the minute you step foot in this former Japanese capital. It served as Japan’s capital for more than a thousand years, from 794 to 1868, and its long history…
Road Trips

6 Road-Trip-Worthy Hotels in Asia and the Pacific

World-class beaches, hilltop stations with epic hiking and whitewater rafting right outside the door, temples galore and wildlife encounters that range from penguins to elephants are all in store when you plan a road trip…
Weekend Getaways

Plotting a 3-Day Escape? 6 Exceptional Weekend Vacation Spots in East Asia

Whether it’s a city break you desire or a beach getaway, in East Asia, the weekend trip is making a comeback. Sip tea on a mountain, dive in a sinkhole and explore an artist village….
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Learn Dumpling Making, Floral Arranging and More in 6 Unique Classes in Asia and Australia

Travel is about education, and one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture is by picking up or honing a skill while on the road. Instead of simply imbibing makgeolli, why…
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From Lively Cities to Lush Vineyards, Where to Travel in September for Every Type of Traveler

September can mark the start of fall or the start of spring, depending on which hemisphere you call home. It’s also one of the best months to travel, with fewer crowds, lower prices and moderate…
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City-Hopping and Nature-Spotting: Where to Travel in August for Every Type of Traveler

Whether you want to dive into a busy city or spend your days snorkeling in warm water, there are activities around the globe for every type of traveler looking to get away in August. This…
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Fall Back, Spring Forward: Where to Travel in April for Every Type of Traveler

Around the world, spring and autumn are seasons of transition and renewal. Squarely in the middle of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere sits the month of April — a…
Romantic Getaways

From Cartagena to Kyoto and Beyond, All You Need Is Love — And a Romantic Getaway

The best romantic getaways mean more time relaxing with your loved one and less time traveling. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or a milestone anniversary, or you simply want to spend a cozy weekend with…
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The New Year Is Here (Finally!) — These Are 10 Places You’ll Definitely Want to Visit

As we start the new year, the promise of a return to travel seems within reach. Now is the time to start daydreaming about (and even low-key planning!) future trips and get inspired about places…