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Weekend Getaways

5 Hotels for Spectacular Weekend Getaways in the Middle East and Africa

If all you have is a weekend to unplug, worry not. Spending a few days at these special hotels in spectacular spots across the Middle East and Africa is bound to rejuvenate you in unexpected…

Find Out Where the Locals of Muscat, Oman, Love to Dine

Bringing together the richly spiced dishes of Arabian cuisine with influences from Oman’s history, seafaring past and cosmopolitan present, Muscat is one of the most captivating culinary cities in the region.   Dishes like qabuli (rice…
Romantic Getaways

7 of the Most Romantic Destinations in Europe, Middle East and Africa

There’s nothing more romantic than making an escape à deux. From moonlit walks through atmospheric Edinburgh to candlelit dinners in Marrakech and lazy lie-ins in sultry Muscat, it’s time to cast off the quotidian and…
Tips + Trends

Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in the Middle East and Africa

Life’s greatest milestones should begin with a flourish. From getting engaged to launching your own business, your achievements deserve to be celebrated in style. Wherever you are in your story, celebrate your progress and reflect…
Travel by Design

These 9 Palatial Hotels Royally Impress with Storybook Stays

Castle, palace, aristocratic estate — whatever you call it, a storybook-inspired stay is ideal for romantics and history buffs alike. Lucky for you, many around the world still stand and have been refurbished into high-end…
Tips + Trends

7 Brilliant Destinations that Solo Female Travelers Will Love

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a solo traveler, or looking for the next destination to explore in this fantastic way, the cities and countries below offer the perfect balance of adventure and intrigue,…
Road Trips

Plan a Road Trip Around These 6 Hotels in the Middle East and Africa

Intrigue abounds in Africa and the Middle East when you plan a road trip in such diverse countries as Egypt, Oman, Kenya, Zambia, Qatar and Jordan. Set your sights on ancient ruins and temples, beguiling…
Weekend Getaways

3 Days in Oman: Where to Go and What to See in and Around Muscat

If you haven’t visited the Arabian Peninsula before, you would be forgiven for thinking all cities are like Dubai — towering glass skyscrapers surrounded by swaths of desert. Muscat, however, is the antithesis of this….
Travel by Design

Mountains, Buttes and More: 11 Hotels that Embrace Their Peak Views

Hotels are more than just places to bunker down — they encapsulate a certain lifestyle. And these cleverly thought-out hotels with views of glacial mountains, surrounded by desert canyons and carved into oceanside cliffs demonstrate…
Weekend Getaways

6 Weekend Vacation Spots in the Middle East and Africa That Promise to Delight

Experience a slice of legendary Arabic hospitality and get a taste of Africa’s wilderness in these six exceptional cities. Even a long weekend is adequate to explore the highlights and get a flavor of these…