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From Niagara Falls to Vancouver, Find the Best Family Vacation Ideas in Canada

The best family vacations in Canada, with its scenic coastlines, interactive museums and thrilling water parks, entertain young travelers of all kinds, from toddlers who love splashing around to older kids who yearn for the…
Weekend Getaways

Sugar Shacks, Mountains and More: Find Canada’s Best Long Weekend Getaways in Every Season

Flexible work schedules are making long weekend jaunts more common, as travelers take advantage of the realization that long weekends are fair game all year. Canada is a nation of four distinct seasons, each offering…
Weekend Getaways

Explore Modern Culture and Centuries-Old History in Quebec City, Canada

With more than 400 years of history behind its stone walls, Quebec City has the air of something from another time and place. Often described as the most European city in North America, the capital…
Where to Travel Next

Curious About Trip Stacking? Here’s What to Know and Where to Plan Your Next Trip

Ever-changing travel restrictions, closures and Covid protocols have created a topsy-turvy world of uncertainty around travel. Under the looming threat of cancellation, booking a vacation has become fraught with anxiety. That’s why it’s never been…
Road Trips

Ready to Ride? Explore 6 Epic Road Trips Throughout Canada’s Provinces

From Alberta’s mountains to British Columbia’s orchards and Nova Scotia’s ocean views, experience Canada’s diverse and beautiful scenery by car. Read on to discover some of Canada’s most unforgettable road trips by province. As always,…

Beach, Mountains or Woods: Whichever You Prefer, Here’s Where to Find Solace in Canada

From feeling a gentle breeze against your face on a secluded coast to sheltering beneath the stars in the shadows of mountains, the great outdoors is the best place to find peace in a hectic…
Eat + Drink

From Buzzy Bistros to Beer Gardens, These 10 Cities Have Great Outdoor Food and Drink Scenes

There’s a certain magic to dining outdoors. Whether it’s a meal on a terrace, on a patio or in a secret garden, savoring fresh air paired with quality cuisine and cocktails is just plain fun….
Tips + Trends

From Lively Cities to Lush Vineyards, Where to Travel in September for Every Type of Traveler

September can mark the start of fall or the start of spring, depending on which hemisphere you call home. It’s also one of the best months to travel, with fewer crowds, lower prices and moderate…
Health + Fitness

Relaxing Retreats and Mindful Sojourns Await on These Wellness Vacations in Canada

When you’re in need of a break from everyday routines, a staycation is an easy way to take care of your mental and physical health. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retreat or an active…

Craving Beach Vibes in Canada? Find Them at 6 Under-the-Radar Beach Towns

Canada might not be known for its beaches, but it still has its share of hidden waterfront gems. If you’re looking for a relaxing day trip filled with swimming and sunbathing, check out some of…