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9 Romantic Adults-Only Resorts Around the World

There’s a time and place for fabulous family travel. But unless you’re traveling with a nanny and splurging on separate accommodations, a romantic getaway is likely not it. If your goal is to enjoy time…
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The 9 Best Vacation Villas for Summer in the Mediterranean

Whether you’re looking for a romantic break, a family escape or a beachfront getaway with friends in the Mediterranean, these exquisitely appointed and indulgently spacious vacation villas will make this summer a truly memorable one….
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16 Beach and Pool Escapes for Every Travel Personality

Make a splash during your next vacation by planning in a different way. Instead of zeroing in on where you want to be, consider who you want to be during your trip. From romantics and…
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These 11 Private Plunge Pools Are Next-Level Indulgent

Anything that’s all yours, anytime you want it, is the ultimate indulgent amenity — and that’s precisely the idea behind splurging a little and booking a room with a private plunge pool. With no dress…
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Ready for a Reset? These 6 Calm-Inducing Getaways Promise Total Respite

If you’re primed for a recharge, you’re not alone. A healthy body and focused mind are essential for handling everything life throws at us. That’s why planning a trip that allows you to completely disconnect…
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Mountains, Buttes and More: 11 Hotels that Embrace Their Peak Views

Hotels are more than just places to bunker down — they encapsulate a certain lifestyle. And these cleverly thought-out hotels with views of glacial mountains, surrounded by desert canyons and carved into oceanside cliffs demonstrate…
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Where to Taste (and Live!) the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean way of life is rightly renowned as one of the healthiest and most sustainable ways to live. Across the region, meals are considered an occasion — a reason to savor being together with…
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Ready to Heat Things Up? These 7 Romantic Trips Are Worth the Wait

Many places across this great, wide world can claim syrupy sunsets and star-spangled skies. When it comes to pouring on the love endorphins, however, not all destinations are equally romantic. And while places like Paris…
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The Inside Scoop: These 9 Properties Rank Among Marriott Associates’ Favorites

Like many people, Marriott associates often keep wish lists of where they’d like to travel next, relying on their expertise in crafting memorable stays for guests while choosing from Marriott’s expansive portfolio of hotels, resorts…
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Chateau Stay or Mountain Chalet? 8 Unusual Stays from South Africa to Santorini

With a growing demand for “unusual stays,” there’s been a spike in cool, quirky accommodations around the globe. Whether you fantasize about capturing that perfect sunset from your exclusive Santorini cave suite, or fancy a…