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How Regenerative Travel Is Having an Impact in the Seychelles

Travel to the Seychelles and you’ll likely initially be struck by the lush wilderness that blankets each picture-postcard island in the archipelago. Delve further into the story behind these islands’ landscapes and you’ll soon discover…
How to Travel Better

5 Ways Africa Is Becoming More Sustainable (and Where to Experience It)

The vast continent of Africa is becoming greener in more ways than you think. Whether it’s through fashion or local land preservation, sustainability is a huge priority throughout many countries. And destinations are taking action…
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Pride Lives Here: Sustaining New York City’s LGBTQ+ Spaces

As New York City reopens to travelers, LGBTQ+ activists are rallying to save these historic spaces, and critical element of the city’s culture.
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Going Green: 5 Hotels Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel

Today, savvy travelers seek to minimize their negative impact on the environment while maximizing their positive effect on local communities and enjoying a more locally relevant experience. With that in mind, here are five of…
How to Travel Better

Sustainable Hawaii Travel: 8 Ways to Tread Lightly in Paradise

When Mother Nature was handing out treasures, Hawaii must have been first in line. Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world, rich soil that grows tasty treats like macadamia nuts and coffee,…
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Puerto Rico Proves the Best Way to Fuel Economic Recovery Is by Visiting

In the wake of a natural disaster, tourism — and the money it injects into small businesses — is a powerful panacea for local economies. Puerto Rico has been a shining example of this truism…