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These 3 Hotels Go All Out for the Holidays in the Middle East and Africa

Ring in year-end festivities with style at these exceptional hotels in Africa and the Middle East. And expect to be surprised and indulged beyond measure as you leave it to the experts to make the…
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Plan a Road Trip Around These 6 Hotels in the Middle East and Africa

Intrigue abounds in Africa and the Middle East when you plan a road trip in such diverse countries as Egypt, Oman, Kenya, Zambia, Qatar and Jordan. Set your sights on ancient ruins and temples, beguiling…
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Ready to Expand Your Horizons? These 8 Trips Help Grow Your Mind, Spirit and Happiness

This year, travel is all about you. Travelers are looking for more than just a respite from the day-to-day; instead, they are seeking opportunities for growth of mind, spirit and happiness. They seek to connect…
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Ready to Heat Things Up? These 7 Romantic Trips Are Worth the Wait

Many places across this great, wide world can claim syrupy sunsets and star-spangled skies. When it comes to pouring on the love endorphins, however, not all destinations are equally romantic. And while places like Paris…
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5 Ways Africa Is Becoming More Sustainable (and Where to Experience It)

The vast continent of Africa is becoming greener in more ways than you think. Whether it’s through fashion or local land preservation, sustainability is a huge priority throughout many countries. And destinations are taking action…
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From Snowy Spots to Balmy Beaches, Where to Travel in December for Every Type of Traveler

December is the perfect time for illuminated destinations, from a castle of light to a bioluminescent bay. You’ll find deals in the off-season of early December and Instagram-worthy celebrations around the world toward month’s end….
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Check Into the Most Dazzling New Hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Whether you yearn to see the best of Athens from a ritzy room with Acropolis views, or crave a laid-back vacation lazing on pristine beaches in a chic Indian Ocean retreat, these seven exciting new…