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Make a List, Check it Twice: Holiday Travel Gift Ideas for Every Type of Traveler

When you love travel, you tend to collect friends who like to explore as much as you do. That isn’t to say your friends are alike; even those with genetic connections usually take different paths.

In that spirit, we offer holiday travel gift ideas for every kind of traveler on your list.

The Adventurer

travel gift ideas
Pack it like a pro. (Photo: Courtesy of Maritz Motivation Solutions)

Adventurers are the ones who think hostels are too glam. They might sleep on a beach and carry only the clothes on their backs, but they will still need a sturdy backpack to trek from one far-flung place to another. The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack will help your friend fit in anywhere and power through anything.

The Perfectionist

travel gift ideas
Step up your cocktail game with the ice ball press. (Photo: Courtesy of Shop Marriott)

This is a very different crowd than the one above. Perfectionists might like adventure, but they like it just so.

These hard-to-please friends will appreciate the precise detail of The Bourbon Collection. With its elegant glasses, full mixing set and traditional beaker, this set lets perfectionists replicate that terrific cocktail from that great old bar. They’ll be even more grateful when you add the bartender’s knife and ice-cube mold.

To add a wow factor, spring for the Ice Ball Press, too.

The Foodie

travel gift ideas
Indulge in chocolatey decadence. (Photo: Courtesy of Maritz Motivation Solutions)

For foodies you can’t go wrong with a top-quality delectable. Godiva Truffles — the chocolate maker calls them their most decadent — will appeal to their sense of taste. In sweet, savory and spicy, these truffles are no ordinary box of chocolates. The 24-piece flight can easily fit in a carry-on, too, so it doubles as an instant upgrade.

The Golfer

Golfers are a breed unto themselves. They are an obsessive lot and tough to buy for because they already have their lucky clubs and favorite balls. Surprise them with a gift card. Not any generic “I couldn’t figure out what to get you” gift card — a bespoke Marriott Golf eGiftCard that lets them choose when and where they want to tee up.

The Artist

Feed this friend’s creative senses with a piece of art that can both transport and relax. If money is no object, the striking Cocoon Hammock will do both gorgeously. Designed by Spanish artist Patricia Urquiola, it’s inspired by the festive colors of Carnival. These hammocks are currently installed in the Presidential Suite at the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua, but your friend can hang theirs anywhere.

The Fashionista

travel gift ideas
Look like the savvy traveler you are with stylish accessories. (Photo: Courtesy of Marriott Rewards)

A different kind of artist, this friend will appreciate accessories that allow her to travel — whether on a transatlantic flight or through her day — with style. Kate Spade New York comes to the rescue with a collection of accessories, from luggage tags to water bottles to the all-important sunglasses, that gives an extra sparkle to this checked box.

The Spa Lover

These friends may tell you it’s the massage or facial they love, but what really keeps them booking appointments at the hotel spa is the atmosphere. The dark lights, the relaxing music, the scent of citrus and jasmine — instantly pampering.

That feeling is hard to create at home where the demands of everyday life conspire to kill the mood. One element of a spa that can (1) be duplicated, (2) transcend the everyday and, best of all, (3) be wrapped and tied with a bow is that delectable spa scent. This Attune Scent Diffuser will transport this relaxation lover with the gift of scent.