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A few plush products can help your home feel like a luxury hotel. (Photo: Marriott International)

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How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

We can’t always travel, but even when we’re stuck at home, there are ways to bring the splendor of hotel stays to you. From luxe linens and cozy blankets to cocktail kits and spa goods, use these ideas to transform your everyday space into a luxury hotel.

Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Do you love the feeling of sinking into a plush hotel bed? Bring that to your bedroom with fluffy, hotel-style pillows made from blending natural lyocell with down. Next, upgrade your slumber with a featherbed topper filled with allergen-free duck feathers that cradle you and add extreme softness and volume to any bed.

And don’t forget the linens. There’s something special about slipping into silken sheets at the end of a long travel day; replicate the feeling with soft, 300-thread-count Signature Linens on your bed.

Become a Master Mixologist

person mixing cocktails
Mix up a heady drink. (Photo: ShotShare / Getty Images Plus)

You don’t need to visit a crowded bar to sip craft cocktails. Get a basic mixing kit with a beaker, stirrer and strainer. Then Google a few recipes to create fresh juleps, Old-Fashioneds and Tiki drinks at home. Sip bourbon over ice with a mold that makes huge cubes to chill your spirits without overly diluting them.

Make Your Bathroom a Home Spa

Basic bathrooms make getting ready a chore. Spritz energizing scents and add an aromatherapy reed diffuser to transform your bathroom into an in-home spa. Remember that giant bathtub you never use? Fill it with steaming water and bubbles, add a relaxing bath bomb, and then unwind with a good book.

Scrub clean with soothing, natural soap and then rehydrate skin with a shea-butter-based lotion to lock in moisture. Treat your hair with quality bath products that invigorate your scalp, delivering natural cleansing with essential oil shampoos. Absorbent, plush bath towels are an affordable upgrade that make your bathroom look and feel brand new.

Enjoy Coffee in Bed

coffee mug on tray with sugar
Brew a comforting cuppa. (Photo: Milaspage / Getty Images Plus)

If you love waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning, bring this hotel experience into your bedroom. Just place a coffee machine on your dresser and set the timer for wake-up time. This little luxury feels indulgent, and the smell will perk you right up.

Get Cozy

Who said the robes and slipper life is just for hoteling? If you’ve always wanted to take those plush hotel robes home, now you can. Exude spa vibes in a super-soft terry microfiber robe or get ’90s comfy in fluffy cotton velour. Pair your robe with soft velour slippers for the ultimate at-home indulgence.

Create a Home Fitness Center

home workout with kettle bell
Get your fitness on, hotel style. (Photo: Thamrongpat Theerathammakorn / EyeEm)

No exercise classes nearby? Recreate a hotel gym or studio experience in your living room with a set of weights, a cushioned mat and Westin’s portable Bala Resistance Bands. Find free yoga classes online from CorePower Yoga, and choose a chill playlist to enhance your relaxation.

With these easy upgrades, you can stay calm and relax on — from the comfort of your home.

Bring the Scent of Travel Home

When you can’t go to the beach or the mountains, find vacation vibes in a bottle with spray scents and candles. Create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom with calming lavender sleep spray spritzed on your pillow, or light a deep sleep candle or eucalyptus one packed with soothing spa-scented essential oils.

Use portable USB-powered diffusers to fragrance entire rooms with relaxing essential oils at the press of a button.