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Plan the adventure of your dreams with no one to answer to on a solo travel journey. (Photo: Maskot / Getty Images)

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One and Done: Be Your Own Best Travel Buddy on a Solo Travel Adventure

Plan the adventure of your dreams with no one to answer to on a solo travel journey. (Photo: Maskot / Getty Images)

We’ve all been there – you’re itching for a vacation but everyone you know seems to be unavailable. Your best friend is out of PTO, your family is set to hit the slopes of Telluride (but you despise snow) and your college roommate doesn’t have a passport.

Fear not, your best travel companion is staring at you in the mirror. Solo travel can seem intimidating, but hey, if Amelia Earhart could fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932, we’re confident you can find your way around a new country on your own.

Fly High in Hawaii

ziplining Hawaii
Soar above treetops on Hawaii’s lush islands when you book a ziplining tour. (Photo: Shutterstock)

If you’re craving crazy-cool adventures, you’ll find plenty scattered across Hawaii’s lush island landscape. Toss your fear of heights away, and set off on a ziplining adventure. You’ll have your choice of where to zoom; ziplining in Hawaii is not just limited to one island.

Choose from services in Maui, Hawaii Island or Kauai for an amazing experience. Get your heart thumping and adrenaline pumping as you fly over verdant forests and overlook waterfalls from incredible angles.

Trek Toward the Sky in Rio

Have your breath taken away with some unforgettable views of cities and valleys below while you’re in Brazil. Go hiking in the peaks surrounding Rio de Janeiro and scramble over challenging terrain until your legs give out – but don’t worry, it’s all worth it once you reach the top. These stunning views will make all your Instagram followers green with envy.

White Water and Wine in France

Sure, you can spend your trip to France eating baguettes and cheese, but you’re on a solo travel mission to find the biggest adventure around. Travelers who are in the French Alps can test their mettle on a white water rafting journey. Outfitters like Franceraft and Active Azur have a variety of courses mapped out for every skill level.

Pamper Yourself in Thailand

What better place to get a Thai massage than Thailand? Stay just outside of Bangkok to avoid the hustle of the city and find your oasis in this beautiful country. Indulge in a decadent experience (without the decadent prices) with a massage at Lavana Bangkok, a spa offering an array of treatments. We suggest asking for the herbal ball, a traditional Thai massage tool made of steaming herbs tightly wrapped in a warm towel and used to ease stress in the body.

Get Beached in BVI

Crystal blue waters and white sand beaches more your pace? Consider a British Virgin Islands getaway. Visit the natural baths on Virgin Gorda and climb through crevices to reach Devil’s Bay. Here you’ll find the most stunning beach on the islands. Plan to bask in the sun on the sand or snorkel in pure island bliss.