family vacation aruba

Hit the open waters like an old-school pirate. (Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Pirates)


Live Like a Pirate, Learn to Surf and More on a Kid-Friendly Aruba Vacation

Traveling to Aruba as a family promises an incomparable experience. The well-known “island of happiness” offers countless activities that can be carried out with children of all ages, and that both young and old will enjoy.

From touring the island in pirate style, to learning water sports with the kids and exploring the island’s natural wonders, every family will find an activity to suit their tastes.

Jolly Pirates Cruise

Perfect for families with children who enjoy adventures. Jolly Pirates offers a wide range of activities, such as sailing, snorkeling and swimming with the turtles under the crystal clear waters of the island. It also offers the option of enjoying unrivaled sunsets and Caribbean dinners along the coast of Aruba.

Jolly Pirates carries out guided tours around the island, where visitors can see beaches such as Boca Catalina, Malmok and the famous wreck known as El Antilla, where they’ll have the opportunity to dive over the sunken ship. Jolly Pirates cruises depart from Palm Beach, and it’s advisable to book the tour a couple of days in advance through their website.

The Butterfly Farm

A true butterfly farm with butterflies of all sizes and colors. Located steps from Palm Beach, in Oranjestad, this tropical garden will be an unforgettable part of your family’s visit to the island.

family vacation aruba
Over 150 types of butterflies and moths fly freely in the garden. (Photo: The Butterfly Farm)

With over 150 types of butterflies and moths flying freely in the butterfly garden, visitors have the opportunity to observe and learn about the life cycle of these colorful insects: from how they feed, how they reproduce, to even see how some butterflies come out of their buds.

Visit The Butterfly Farm during the morning, since the butterflies are more active in the early hours. The Butterfly Farm has guided tours, and your entrance ticket will allow you to return during your stay as many times as you wish without having to pay again.

Arikok National Park

Ideal for nature-loving families, this national park is known as Aruba’s national treasure and you can explore it on foot, by bicycle or by jeep. The park covers around 20% of the island, and has guided tours that will allow you to discover hidden beaches such as the famous Dos Playa, Moro and Boca Prins.

family vacation aruba
This national park is known as the national treasure of Aruba. (Photo: Getty Images)

Immerse yourself in the Aruba Natural Pool and get to know the striking caves of Fontein, Huliba and Guadirikiri; Arikok National Park has wonderful landscapes and destinations that will delight any visitor.

To enter the park, anyone over the age of 17 must pay for an entrance ticket, which allows the protected nature sanctuary to be maintained. Minors enter free.

Skydiving in Aruba

Discover the island of Aruba from an incomparable perspective with this activity ideal for adventurous families. Parachute schools located in Palm Beach and Noord offer pre-activity instruction classes. In addition, you will jump in the company of experts in free fall.

This activity is reserved for people over 18 years old and without known health problems, and in most schools you must make a prior reservation in person before the day you want to do this activity.

Water Sports

With its crystal clear waters and favorable wind throughout the year, Aruba is the ideal destination for water sports such as surfing and kite surfing. There are several surfing and kitesurfing schools on the island, where both children and their parents can learn to practice these sports at the hands of experts with the boards.

family vacation aruba
Aruba is the ideal destination for water sports such as surfing and kite surfing. (Photo: Getty Images)

And if you want to learn a sport on a board that is somewhat calmer, there is the possibility of stand-up paddle boarding, so you can navigate quietly while enjoying a landscape like no other.

Practice these sports at Palm Beach, where you can find the heart of water sports in Aruba; the quality of kitesurfing and surfing schools are incomparable here.