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These Top Atlanta Festivals Showcase the City’s Dazzling Food, Music and Culture

There’s always something going on in Atlanta, a city whose culinary, arts and nightlife scenes send ripples around the world. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, seasoned traveler or local, you’ll find that Atlanta highlights its…

11 Restaurants to Experience the Riches of Venetian Cuisine

The cuisine of Venice, Italy, is a crossroads of flavors, a melting pot of culinary traditions that reflect the city’s thousand-year history as a major maritime center. Galleons would arrive laden with exotic ingredients —…
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Barcelona’s Best Places to Eat and Drink

Whatever you’re craving, you’ll eat well in Barcelona. The Spanish city knows what the good life is all about, with lunches lingering well into the afternoon and dinner recommendations enthusiastically offered and received. Barcelona’s restaurants…
Weekend Getaways

The Ultimate Vegas Guys Weekend: 3 Days in the Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas is a great destination for gatherings of every kind. And whether you’re looking to celebrate a life event or just catch up with friends, Las Vegas is a particularly great destination for guys…

Find Out Where the Locals of Muscat, Oman, Love to Dine

Bringing together the richly spiced dishes of Arabian cuisine with influences from Oman’s history, seafaring past and cosmopolitan present, Muscat is one of the most captivating culinary cities in the region.   Dishes like qabuli (rice…
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Why Melrose Arch Is a True Johannesburg Hidden Gem

Tucked away in the leafy northern suburbs of South Africa’s dynamic Johannesburg is one of the city’s most irresistible hidden gems: Melrose Arch. This smart, attractive, in-the-know precinct is nestled between business hubs Sandton and…
Weekend Getaways

3 Days in Hong Kong: Take in the Sights, Sounds and Tastes of This Dynamic City

Hong Kong is a vibrant, dynamic city that perfectly embodies the phrase “where East meets West.” Rich in Cantonese heritage, the city’s lively street markets, celebrated cuisine and historic architecture have stood the test of…

How to Spend a Magical Winter in London This Year

From twinkling Christmas lights and bustling winter markets to scenic skating rinks and cozy seasonal pop-ups, there’s no shortage of fun to be in London during the colder months of the year. True Londoners would…

Colors, Cocktails and Celebrations: Spend the Perfect Autumn in London

Cozy pubs with roaring fires, parks resplendent with color and a whole host of seasonal events — autumn is a brilliant time of year to visit London. As the nights draw in, the city comes…
Weekend Getaways

Unwrap the Many Layers of Bogotá: 3 Days of Markets, Museums and Mountain Views

Bogotá, Colombia, is a city for those who dare to dig a bit deeper. Go beyond the colorful streets of the historic center to find a place bursting with creativity and ever-changing ideas. The historic…
Cape Town

Take a Dip in 6 of the Best Beaches in South Africa

With a coastline of nearly 2000 miles bordering two oceans, visitors to South Africa are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to beaches. In subtropical northern KwaZulu-Natal, the warm Indian Ocean waters are home to…
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Take Elevated Sips at the 7 Best Rooftop Bars in Dubai

Nowhere does rooftop bars quite like Dubai. With the city at your feet, these are the spots that legendary evenings are made of, offering dazzling views that guarantee memories as vivid as that sunset. For…

A Guide to the Perfect Summer in London

During the summer season, London beckons with its diverse offerings and endless possibilities. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, serene escapes or simply a good time with friends, the UK capital has you covered. With a…
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Sky-High Views, Brilliant Brunches and Sunny Beaches: A Guide to Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

It’s the world’s most famous man-made island, a jaw-dropping creation that has to be seen to be believed — but with great shopping, dining, beaches and unique things to do, Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is much…
Washington, D.C.

Listen and Learn at D.C.’s Best Record Stores and Bookshops

Washington, D.C., is a city like no other, where local culture and international influences collide to create unique communities, neighborhoods and shops. In D.C., independent businesses add character to their neighborhoods, especially the indie book…
Washington, D.C.

How D.C.’s House of Garçon Gives Voice and Visibility to Ballroom Culture

For LGBTQ+ people of color, Ballroom culture — a social movement and creative collective noted for its fashion, pageantry, dance and, yes, balls — goes far beyond what most people may have seen in Madonna’s…
Weekend Getaways

Discover the Unexpected Gems of Ottawa, Canada in 3 Days

Ottawa — Canada’s capital — has all the usual must-see sights of any major city. But just under the surface, this leafy, family-friendly metropolis has more than a few unexpected gems. Ottawa’s scenic Rideau Canal…
Road Trips

6 Amazing Hotels to Plan a Caribbean or Latin American Road Trip Around

The relatively compact islands of the Caribbean and the spectacular landscapes of Latin America make for fertile grounds for getting in the car and setting out on a road trip to remember.  Whether you’re visiting…
Road Trips

Adventures Below Sea Level: A Dead Sea Highway Road Trip

One of the best ways to explore the country of Jordan is by taking a road trip along the Dead Sea. On the winding road that runs along the coastline, you can watch the dramatic…

Taste Omani Culture Through These 11 Delectable Dishes

Oman holds its own despite being surrounded by glitzy and glamorous neighboring nations. Those who visit are treated to spectacular natural beauty, legendary Bedouin hospitality and a cuisine that’s influenced by Oman’s rich trading past….

7 Reasons Why Oman Is a Beach-Lover’s Paradise

Oman is famous for its golden desert dunes, cloud-grazing mountains and exotic ancient cities. But its beaches will take your breath away, too. From white sandy stretches with luxurious loungers to wild-turtle-nesting havens and dolphin-dotted…
Road Trips

Road Trip to Mars: Explore Jordan’s Wonders from Amman to Aqaba

There’s no other place in the world where you can float in saltwater far below sea level and witness out-of-this-world landscapes within a short distance. From walking through one of the seven wonders of the…
Weekend Getaways

3 Days in Oman: Where to Go and What to See in and Around Muscat

If you haven’t visited the Arabian Peninsula before, you would be forgiven for thinking all cities are like Dubai — towering glass skyscrapers surrounded by swaths of desert. Muscat, however, is the antithesis of this….

Destination Desert: The Ultimate Guide to Oman’s Wadis

The dramatic deserts and mountains of Oman are not only cinematic in scale, but also hide a stunning secret known as “wadis.” From stargazing to hiking, picnics to swimming, and rappelling to kayaking, a world…
Photo Essays

In the Ring with Los Exóticos

Meet the fierce drag performers of Mexico’s lucha libre wrestling.

Incredible Outdoor Experiences Less Than 3 Hours from These Canadian Cities

As the world’s second-largest country, Canada abounds with remote natural wonders. But what if viewing the aurora borealis in the Northwest Territories or visiting the Athabasca Sand Dunes in Saskatchewan isn’t feasible for you? Happily,…
Weekend Getaways

3 Days on the Red Sea: A Weekend Adventure in Aqaba

The sparkling waters of the Red Sea are a tantalizing magnet for tourists. Plus, a wealth of cultural activities and incredible hospitality make Aqaba, and Jordan as a whole, ideal for a weekend getaway. As…