best monterrey bars

Maverick has made history and is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. (Photo: Maverick)

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Monterrey’s Bar Culture is Hot. Here’s Where to Drink Up.

When the sun goes down in Monterrey, the fun begins in the so-called “Sultan of the North.” On your next trip, don’t forget to experience the regiomontana (Monterrey) nightlife, where you’ll find bars and taverns designed for different tastes. Here are five bar options so you can choose your favorite.

Fun for the Experts

Under the premise of being a “bar with a free spirit”—that distinguishes itself from others via its unique position—Maverick has made history and is a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

Music is the main focus of this bar; Wednesdays are dedicated to live jazz sessions, on Thursdays vinyl floods the atmosphere with funk music, Saturdays are dedicated to 80s music and on Sundays, the blues close out the week.

best monterrey bars
Maverick always experiments with new recipes inspired by the latest trends. (Photos: Maverick)

Another angle that gives personality to Maverick is mixology; they are always experimenting with new recipes inspired by the latest trends and the cravings of their visitors.

Their objective is that every cocktail be an experience based on natural ingredients of the highest quality, a constant experimentation of flavors and, of course, an original presentation. Choose your favorite musical genre and visit them or live the experience from Tuesday thru Sunday.

A Secret in the City

Behind a small door situated on the Río Mississippi 105-B street, you’ll discover a bar that bears the name of its postal address.

Inspired by the era of alcohol prohibition in the United States, its walls are adorned with portraits of Al Capone and “Lucky” Luciano, the seats are made with mezcal barrels and the dim lighting recreates the ambiance of a speakeasy and its clandestine aura.

best monterrey bars
Río Mississippi was inspired by the era of alcohol prohibition in the United States. (Photos: Río Mississippi)

If you want to try a distinctive, made-to-measure drink, sit down at the bar and share your preferences with the mixologist. Try it: from the first sip you will know that the highlight of this bar is its craft cocktails.

For the Most Traditional

The heat can be overwhelming in Monterrey and a good remedy for that is to take shelter in a tavern. Visit Botanero Moritas, which has remained in the good graces of patrons for almost 80 years. Their menu is as extensive as it is delicious; you can order cuts of meat, prawn tacos, grilled octopus and endless dishes prepared with excellent seasoning.

Draft beer is the classic choice to accompany the food, however, the bar list is also very extensive and the cocktails are gaining ground in popularity. We recommend El Pepizano, a combination of mezcal, cucumber, lemon, dark beer and a touch of chile powder. Enjoy this canteen in the company of your friends and take home pleasant memories full of flavor.

An Authentic Japanese Experience

To have a unique experience, we suggest visiting the sake bar of the Hanaichi restaurant. Here, in addition to warm sake, you can try their wide range of cocktails prepared with this rice liquor.

The mixture of this drink of Japanese origin with other liquors and fresh fruit creates a gratifying experience. Try the Gold Ninja, a fusion of sake dai ginjo , eureka lemon, yuzu, mirini, ginger beer and mint: it’s as aromatic as it is refreshing.

At Hanaichi, you’ll discover an authentic Japanese experience because the founders, Mr. Hashimoto and his family, have taken care that the dishes and drinks be as close as possible to traditional Japanese cuisine. For a complete experience, accompany your drinks with noodles, sashimi or teppanyaki of your choice.

Bubbles for Everyone

Beer lovers will find their favorite refuge at Almacén 42, one of the bars with the largest assortment of draft beer in the entire country. Its name comes precisely from the forty-two fresh malts served daily; they also feature craft beer labels from every corner of Mexico and the world.

best monterrey bars
Almacén 42 has one of the largest assortments of draft beer in the country. (Photo: Getty Images)

You’ll notice that they always serve drinks in crystal glasses and jars as an invitation to appreciate the different colors, aromas and textures that make them unique.

Their devotion is such that they even prepare dishes seasoned with this golden beverage. We recommend Galeana potatoes prepared with a beer and brown sugar sauce—ideal for sharing with friends during a toast.

To enjoy these establishments to the max, we recommend making a reservation, as well as checking their opening times. Most are closed on Mondays and remain open until 2 a.m.