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Warm yourself with a hearty bowl of pho. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Order Now, Go Later: 14 Dishes to Inspire Your Next Vacation

Remember that time you tried tripe tacos in Mexico? The poutine in Montreal? The ackee in Jamaica? Our taste memories can be so vivid that simply tasting a food again can transport you back to where you first experienced it — or even to a place on your travel list you’re itching to visit.

Even if you’re not yet able to plan a trip to taste lobster rolls in Boston or Puerto Rico’s mofongo, with the help of a delivery service, you can still get a taste of travel from home.

Here are eight amazing culinary destinations and where to taste their signature dishes in cities around the U.S., delivered directly to your door.

As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before planning your trip.

Pho in Seattle

It makes sense that the most-loved dish in chilly, wet Seattle is a comforting soup. The Vietnamese noodle soup, pho, is a Seattle local’s go-to any night of the week, and there are plenty of spots to enjoy it in the city, like Rose Pho in the Normandy Park neighborhood.

For an equally good bowl of rice noodles with broth and beef or chicken, plus a DIY array of sauces and add-ons like sliced jalapeño, bean sprouts and lime wedges, order from Saigon Noodle & Grill in Orlando, Florida, known for their house-made broth and wide variety of soup options.

Po’boys and Jambalaya in New Orleans

Spice up your life with jambalaya in New Orleans. (Photo: Getty Images)

You might imagine the cobblestone streets and hauntingly beautiful mansions of the Garden District when you tuck into a po’boy or jambalaya — two of New Orleans’ signature dishes.

A po’boy, like the one at Killer PoBoys in New Orleans, is made from sliced French bread and either sliced meats or fried seafood — usually shrimp or oysters — “dressed” with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise.

Still, jambalaya defines Cajun/Creole cuisine. Chicken, andouille sausage and shrimp are stewed with tomatoes, okra, rice and lots of seasonings with the kind of bold flavor that feels like a big brass jazz band in your mouth.

You can try both of these dishes on a tour from Tastebud Food Tours when you get to NOLA next, or if you’re further afield, order from Nola Bar & Kitchen in Chicago.

Italian Beef and Hot Dogs in Chicago

Chicago’s cold winters require stick-to-your-guts comfort food, and the city’s iconic Italian beef sandwich and Chicago-style hot dogs always hit the spot.

Chicago-style hot dogs are sacred in the Second City and require very specific ingredients: A steamed poppy-seed bun, all-beef hot dog, diced onions, mustard, “neon” relish, tiny piquant peppers and half-moon slices of tomato with a sprinkle of celery salt.

An Italian beef sandwich features slow-roasted beef sliced very thin and piled on a hoagie roll with broccoli rabe then dipped in the delicious juices from the roast beef.

For a real taste of these Chicago mainstays, order from one of the Portillo’s Hot Dogs locations around the U.S., like the one in Arizona, and when you can get to Chicago, you can hit up the downtown location on Ontario Street.

Café con Leche and Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

How do Miamians start their day? With a high-octane cup of café con leche made by their favorite Cuban bakery and coffee shop. This espresso-fueled beverage is similar to a latte but skips the milk froth.

Everyone has their favorite Cuban sandwich in Miami, but Versailles Restaurant in the city’s famous Calle Ocho area is the gold standard. You’ll want fresh Cuban bread, juicy roasted pork and ham, pickles and mustard if you’re going to have it the right way, freshly pressed and piping hot, cut diagonally.

In Atlanta, try Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill for impeccable iterations of both.

Nasi Goreng in Bali

nasi goreng with egg
Try the traditional favorite, nasi goreng, in Bali. (Photo: Getty Images)

Considering the lush acres of rolling rice terraces flowing through Bali, it’s no surprise that the Indonesian version of fried rice, nasi goreng, is the item to eat here. Nasi goreng starts with the best rice and combines onions, meats like chicken or shrimp, and vegetables, all seasoned with a sweeter, thicker soy sauce and topped with cucumber, tomato slices and a fried egg.

Take the Sling Adventures food tour of Ubud to try nasi goreng at some of the guides’ favorite spots. In Los Angeles, get a taste of this ultimate comfort food ordering from Banana Leaf Indonesian Cuisine.

Clam Chowder and Lobster Rolls in Boston

Some of the country’s best seafood comes right out of the storied Boston Harbor, including the littleneck clams and lobsters that fill the chowders and rolls the town is known for.

A good chow-dah should be thick and creamy with lots of potatoes and whole clams. Lobster rolls have butter or mayo and are piled high in a split-top bun.

Union Oyster House in downtown Boston is where you’ll find the A-plus versions of these delights, or take a walking tour with Bites of Boston to try some of the city’s best. But in the meantime, enjoy both at Luke’s Lobster on 17th Street NW in Washington, D.C.

Mofongo and Lechón in Puerto Rico

bowl of mofongo
Savor the mofongo in Puerto Rico. (Photo: Getty Images)

After a dip in the Caribbean, there’s nothing quite like enjoying Puerto Rico’s beloved smashed plantain dish, mofongo, topped with a vibrantly flavored combination of tomatoes, peppers and fresh shrimp.

El Jibarito in Old San Juan is the place to do just that, and you also won’t want to miss the juicy roast pork that’s famous around the island, lechón asado, either.

For a taste of the island without leaving the lower 48, check out La Cocina II in Brooklyn, New York, or El Bohio Tipico in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Steak and Antipasto in Florence

Every region of Italy has its own iconic ingredient, and in Tuscany, the region of Italy that’s home to Florence, it’s beef. That’s why the bistecca alla Fiorentina is this city’s must-eat dish. The thick-cut T-bone steak is only truly found here from cattle raised grazing on the verdant Tuscan hills.

Mamma Gina, located close to the Ponte Vecchio, is an excellent place to try this shareable steak and overflowing antipasto platters when you’re in Florence, or take a tour with Eating Europe for a private cooking demo.

But if you’re looking to order a comparable cut stateside, the Prime Porterhouse at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan, is tops.

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