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Bite the Bullet: 5 Speedy Tokyo Side Trips

Diana Hubbell
Thanks to its blazing-fast network of Shinkansen trains, getting around Japan is a snap even for business travelers short on time. Though Tokyo has more than enough diversions for visitors …

Culture + Style

6 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Japan

Katherine Alex Beaven
Let’s face it: when we travel somewhere for the first time, especially a place that can seem as foreign as Japan, it’s easy to fall into the same tourist trail. …

Tips + Trends

A Local’s Guide to Tokyo’s Hidden Neighborhoods

Anna Byrne
Take a tour of Tokyo’s less touristy districts. (Photo: Alamy)
Tokyo isn’t one homogenized city—it’s a whole cluster of neighborhoods, each with its own character and secret attractions known only …

Health + Fitness

Where to Find Your Bliss in Tokyo

Jason L Gatewood
Tokyo is often called the world’s most densely populated megacity and with good reason. Roughly 30 million people—about 25 percent of Japan’s total population—live in the 37-mile radius around Greater …