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In Querétaro, nights are not solely meant for sleeping. (Photo: Horus Bar)

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Ready to Party? Here’s Where to Find the Best of Querétaro’s Nightlife

In Querétaro, nights are not solely meant for sleeping. Artisanal beers, stand-up comedy acts, street performers or chic bars are but a few of the many options the city has to offer.

Where are the best places to enjoy yourself? This guide will help you discover them.

Sunset at the Viewpoint

To begin to savor Santiago de Querétaro at night, it would be ideal to say goodbye to the astral rey (astral king, a poetic nickname for the sun) at the Mirador de los arcos.

From here, you could observe the 74 arches that make up the aqueduct and enjoy an unbeatable panoramic perspective over the city. Like with all respectable viewpoints, once the sun goes down it transforms into a scenic spot for romantic dates.

queretaro bars
Enjoy one of the city’s best views. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Legends

Torches, live music and ancient houses are the main ingredients of noches de leyenda (legendary nights); theatrical tours that feature professional actors recreating the fantastical histories of mythical Mexican characters such as Chucho el Roto or La Llorona.

The tours last around an hour and a half and are generally promoted by the actors themselves in central streets. Press here for more information.

Beer, Anyone?

Lager, pale ale, porter, stout or seasonal; the biergarten Compañía Cervecera Hércules is the best place in the whole city to try beer that is 100% local in a garden—with wooden tables and benches—at the site of an old textile factory. The menu offers more than 20 varieties of beer as well as mezcal and other distilled pours.

The most daring visitors will find the perfect beer at Bar Varela. The most peculiar thing about this cantina—a temple dedicated to Marilyn Monroe—is that their star cocktails, made with beer and other liquors, are poured into pewter mugs which hold a little over a liter each. Anyone who can drink more than three should win an award.

A Little Humor

For a few years now, stand-up comedy has become more popular in Querétaro, in large part due to the founders of La Caja Popular.

This bar—especially designed for comedians—Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights welcome promising and established acts from the country’s comedy scene. You never know, maybe that unknown that made you chuckle tonight will have their own Netflix special tomorrow.

queretaro bars
Horus Bar is the ideal place for night owls. (Photo: Horus Bar) 

Classic Nights at the Nightclubs

Hopeless night owls that enjoy late night bars enlivened by DJs will find that Horus Bar is the perfect spot. Their home is an eighteenth century hacienda featuring a beautiful fountain surrounded by gardens.

The eclectic décor includes replica pieces from the Louvre Museum and some even claim that it’s the Querétaro venue to see and be seen.

If your thing is to cut loose to the rhythm of the music, you can’t miss Rhodesia Histórico, a nightclub with a futuristic esthetic and host to top international DJs from the electronica scene. It opens its doors to techno and house music lovers Wednesday thru Saturday from 10 p.m.

Partying in the Center of Town

Querétaro’s historic center is one of the loveliest areas in the country and soaking up the nightlife scene there is a good way to get to know the different venues and have a drink.

Pedestrian streets 5 de mayo and Libertad have an interesting selection of bars and, since the options vary and are all relatively close by, you can walk from one to another until you find the one that captivates you.