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Planning Long-Term Travel? 10 Ways to Make the Most of an Extended Stay

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you have a stint of extended travel on the horizon, consider yourself lucky. With these extended-travel tips on your side, you can turn long-term travel into the chance to get to know a new place, meet some new people and create a second (or even third or fourth) hometown.

Meet People in the Community

It’s not easy to make friends as an adult, but there are a few ways to go about it that will have you meeting new friends out for dinner in no time flat. Put your interests to work to make an instant bond. Check out Meetup for nearby events that match your interests, or try another tactic — like joining a book club at the local library or taking a short-term adult education class.

Get to Know the Local Park System

Turn your extended stay into the chance to take on training for a 5K. Or a marathon! Whatever fitness goal you decide on, research the local parks and trails to find new places to put in some miles. As you drive around town, you’ll get to know the local streets and neighborhoods. By the time you run that 5K, you’ll be able to tell Siri that, no, you don’t need directions again. If you can bring a bike with you, all the better.

Meet Your (Hotel) Neighbors

Remember: You’re not the only long-term traveler in town. Extended-stay hotels are filled with people who are far from home and looking for a friendly hello in the breakfast room. Skip out on grabbing a table for one, and ask people if they want to share a table. Bring a newspaper with you so you can share the sections.

Stay On … and Bring the Family

Get all your business done during the workweek and have your family members or friends join you on weekends or for a post-work vacation right from the comfort of your extended-stay home. You can even plan a family get-together right at the property. Ask the front desk about the private meeting spaces where you can throw a birthday party or other family event.

Put the Gym to Work for You

Don’t skip your daily workout just because you’re living somewhere new for a bit. Instead, get to know the in-house fitness center.

Dive In

Do you have a pool at home? No? Now you do. Relax and enjoy the pool whenever you like. Up for laps? Great. Prefer hanging out? Even better.

Eat Like a Local

In the mood for a great local restaurant or sweet treats at a bakery? Ask the front desk for their recommendations. Hotel staffers live in the community they work in, so they know where to go for all the local deliciousness.

Get Your Work Done

Extended-stay hotels are set up to give businesspeople a place to get the job done. With free Wi-Fi throughout properties and business centers that you can think of as your home office, there’s nothing stopping you from conquering all your work tasks.

Cook Your Favorite Meals

There’s no reason to eat every meal out. That gets, to put it mildly, exhausting. Instead, take advantage of free grocery delivery, 24-hour on-site markets and in-suite kitchens at your extended-stay hotel to cook the food you love. Feeling a bit homesick? Then make something your mom or dad used to cook and fill your suite with the smell of your childhood home.

Get Social Without Going Out

Check with the front desk to see what social events your extended-stay property runs. Many have something fun going on just about every night. From wine nights to food truck evenings and mixers with friends new and newer, the lobby will become your favorite new social spot.