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Cairo is a wonder, day or night. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Cairo on Trend: Find Glamorous Egyptian Experiences in New Cairo and Beyond

Beyond its rich history and laid-back culture, the eclectic city of Cairo has much to offer those looking for a sophisticated experience.

New Cairo, on the southeast edge of the main city, is one of those districts with a plethora of trendy, hip outings that promise to elevate your Cairene experience.

The bustling area is home to several mixed-use hubs, including One Ninety — home to hotels, residences, restaurants and shops, as well as office spaces and an urban park — that further establish it as a one-stop destination for entertainment, casual and fine dining, and trendy outings, with an added plus of having access to the country’s coastline and other must-visit neighborhoods.

As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before planning your trip.

Make a Home Base in New Cairo

Planned as an extension of the bustling city center, New Cairo rapidly grew to attract high society to the fresh potential amid its expansive gated compounds and high-end residential spaces.

A landmark of the area is Cairo Festival City Mall, a mega-retail complex with more than 300 stores, from local shops to international chains and restaurants.

Not far from New Cairo is also City Centre Almaza, another sprawling, modern mall with a bit less traffic than Festival City. There you can enjoy a hearty meal in the open-air food court, a highlight of this mall. After a day of shopping, head to the adjacent first-rate IMAX cinema complex where you can catch the latest films.

Check out the creative work of Egyptian artists at Picasso East Art Gallery, a commercial gallery for paintings, drawings and sculpture by both established and emerging artists, where you might just find a unique art piece to take home.

After dark in New Cairo, plan a night out at TLT Bistro for contemporary, creative international cuisine. Hosting you in boho-chic decor that integrates natural elements and lounge seating arrangements, the restaurant is best experienced during the evening to enjoy its ambient lighting, which sets the tone for a sensual dinner and sensory feast.

sushi dinner plate
Dine on delightful meals like sushi. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sushi lovers might opt to indulge in Japanese fine dining at Kazoku, one of Cairo’s top food spots, pairing sophisticated plates — including roasted lobster and grilled wagyu beef — with bold and luxe interiors with black and gold accents.

Enjoy a cocktail or beer at Lexie’s Restaurant, a modern Italian restaurant & bar by Baky Hospitality.

New Cairo continues to expand, with more notable attractions planned ahead, especially as the New Administrative Capital takes full form. The ever-growing district will then be close to the New Opera House, poised to be the biggest in the Middle East.

Discover Zamalek and Beyond

zamalek cairo at night
Explore Cairo’s Zamalek district. (Photo: Getty Images)

The affluent island of Zamalek, beloved by locals and tourists alike, is well worth the drive from New Cairo, but keep in mind there may be traffic along the way.

Explore its web of art galleries, hip bars and restaurants, and striking rooftop and balcony views of the Nile River, all intertwined with narrow streets, ancient trees and lush architecture.

Have a quick coffee with a scrumptious slice of cake at Cake Café, a casual and cozy family run business, or opt for finer dining on Italian fare at the hidden gem of Tavolino Restaurant.

A rooftop cocktail at Crimson Bar & Grill comes with stunning Nile views any time of the day, or get closer to the river and cruise the water in a felucca — a traditional sailboat. Additionally, you could pause with a cold drink or small bite at Olivo Pizzeria & Bar or Aperitivo Bar & Grill.

Wrap up the day shopping off the beaten path at concept store the Nook, one of Zamalek’s many outlets for local artisanal products.

Unwind with Beach Time

The resort town of El Gouna is another popular favorite for locals and tourists alike, although further from Cairo.

el gouna egypt
Spend time in the resort town of El Gouna. (Photo: Getty Images)

With good food in its downtown or at the restaurants — like Zia Amelia, Chez Chantal, Villa Coconut, Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant and Pier 88 Egypt — lining the bays between boutique hotels, Gouna is a party destination that never sleeps.

The town comes particularly alive with the Gouna International Film Festival. The all-glitz-and-glamour event is held every winter to feature the world’s best and most recent films.

Or, take a drive just 45 minutes down Ain El Sokhna Road for a break from New Cairo to reach the closest stretch of beach to Cairo. You’ll arrive at a coastal strip lined with resorts (beach access is possible) and backed by the mountainous desert terrain of the Red Sea.

Book a private boat ride for a fishing expedition in the crystal blue waters, and if you’re lucky you might spot some dolphins. Take a cable car ride up into the mountains and enjoy the stretch of blue from among the high peaks.

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