School restaurant in Toronto

Brunch makes the grade at School restaurant in Toronto. (Photo: Courtesy of School)


Jumpstart Your Morning at These Decadent Toronto Breakfast Spots

Toronto is an early bird’s town, with breakfast restaurants aplenty. For busy travelers, finding a satisfying morning meal (with a side of free Wi-Fi) can mean the difference between zipping through museums and sights, or sloshing coffee from a paper cup as you scramble to leave the hotel.

Check out these breakfast restaurant favorites in Toronto, offering free Wi-Fi and delicious ways to begin your day of travel.

Making Breakfast a Class Act at School

School toronto
These aren’t the Pop Tarts you gorged on as a kid — they’re way better. (Photo: Michael Berger / Courtesy of School)

A Toronto breakfast favorite in artsy Liberty Village, School, gets an A+ spot for offering fresh-baked pastries and award-winning scones. The revamped industrial space maintains a schoolhouse theme with an apple on each table and giant clocks perpetually set to 3:30 p.m.

Pop open your laptop and plan your day over bottomless cups of hot coffee and flapjack stacks doused in black and blueberry sauce with brown sugar butter. Or power up with a protein-packed serving of “You’re the Boss Eggs.”

Insider tip: School doesn’t take reservations, so go early to nab a table. Try and score a seat outside on the patio in the summer.

Vegan Delights in Toronto

Karine's vegan restaurant
Feel good about your morning munchies at Karine’s vegan restaurant. (Photo: Courtesy of Karine’s)

For delicious vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free breakfast options, look no further than Karine’s. It’s tucked into the Village by the Grange food court, but don’t let the informal location fool you.

Tables are decorated with burgundy tablecloths and floral centerpieces, and owner Maggie welcomes guests to her restaurant like they’re family. Breakfast dishes start at $5 and are served all day.

Try the vegan stuffed French toast with homemade mixed berries preserve or a delicious tofu scramble and fruit smoothie.

Insider tip: Bring along a few sticks of chewing gum so you can order the garlic fries. However, they’re so incredible that they’re worth the garlic breath!

Dine on a Brilliant Buffet at Trios Bistro

Trios Bistro
Chow down on an all-you-can eat buffet at Trios Bistro. (Photo: Courtesy of Trios Bistro)

The airy atmosphere and inviting decor in Trios Bistro is inspired by the surrounding neighborhood and historic Trinity Square, viewed through a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.

A 12-seat community table encourages fellow business travelers to connect over dishes such as brioche French toast and Italian sausage frittatas. There’s also a generous buffet serving made-to-order omelets and classic Canadian selections like bacon and muffins.

Insider tip: Need to arrange an early-morning breakfast meet-up? A small circular banquette, ensconced by a beaded curtain, offers small parties a semi-private setting.

The Senator Restaurant

A Toronto breakfast tradition since it was established in 1929, the Senator Restaurant is one of the city’s oldest restaurants. Tucked near the corner of Victoria and Dundas streets, the interior dishes up an authentic 1950’s feel with Formica tables, an old soda dispenser and checkerboard flooring.

Despite its old-fashioned decor, you can catch up on email using free Wi-Fi while sipping fresh, hand-squeezed orange juice. The restaurant offers farm-to-table options such as 100% organic honey from their apiary and fresh-roasted coffee delivered from Dark City Coffee.

Insider tip: Check out the cool musician portraits filling the walls. They harken back to the restaurant’s days as a jazz club.