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The Perfect Mix

The classic Bloody Mary gets an update from the experts at the St. Regis.

Brunch goers around the world have the St. Regis New York to thank for the perfect Bloody Mary.

In 1934, famed bartender Fernand Petiot perfected his recipe for the beloved Bloody Mary in the St. Regis’ legendary King Cole Bar. Originally dubbed the Red Snapper, a moniker that thankfully did not stick, the piquant cocktail was layered with savory flavors, including ripe tomato juice, a bite of horseradish and the briny tang of Worcestershire sauce. It remains the St. Regis signature cocktail to this day.

Enabling brunch around the globe, this sassiest of eye openers can easily be made at home, but don’t settle for ho-hum. Make your own Bloody Mary mix of fresh lemon juice, tomato juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco, ground pepper, cayenne, celery salt and whole peppercorns and then take a tip from the St. Regis experts and riff into delicious libation waters, adding this and that to make this essential cocktail your own.

Here are five variations to add further spice to your Bloody Mary mix, found in St. Regis’ very own book, The Bloody Mary.

St. Regis - The Bloody Mary book

Hopping Good

Given China’s long history, it’s no surprise that beer has been brewed in the country for more than 9,000 years. The St. Regis Beijing embraces this tradition with the Great Wall Bloody Mary, which switches vodka out for 2.5 ounces of Chinese Tsingtao beer. For best results, layer the drink in a white wine glass filled with ice, followed by beer, Bloody Mary mix and raw oyster shooters for the ultimate garnish.

Texas Style

Everything is bigger and bolder in Texas, and Harry’s Texas Bloody Mary from the St. Regis Houston is no exception. This reinterpretation combines an ounce of vodka with an ounce of tequila, along with fresh lime juice, four slices of jalapeño, olives and celery for garnish. The drink speaks to the state’s Mexican roots, with the heat providing just the right Texas touch.

Horseradish of a Different Color

Although wasabi is not technically horseradish, since it’s made from the ground root of a plant from in the cabbage family, it has bite that conjures that particular flavor. In the Shogun Mary, created at the St. Regis Osaka, gin is added the mix, alongside vodka, and the glass is rimmed with lime, salt and wasabi powder. A quarter teaspoon of soy swaps in for Worcestershire sauce, imbuing this cocktail with the flavors of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Peak Experience

Deer Valley in Utah’s gorgeous Wasatch Mountains is known for its lofty pinnacle of 7,452 feet. Fittingly, the 7452 Mary conjured at the St. Regis Deer Valley uses Vodka 7000, a locally produced spirit distilled at more than 7,000 feet. Mountains usually peek through clouds, so of course this drink arrives with a cloud of celery foam garnish made with powdered Xantana, a natural thickening agent favored by master chef Ferran Adria, and available online and in specialty markets. A blend of celery juice, green apple juice, wasabi powder, lime juice and parsley, this puffy topper evokes the fluffiest of clouds.

When in Rome

Extra-virgin olive oil may just be the lifeblood of Italian cuisine, so it follows that the St. Regis Rome’s Mary would incorporate this key ingredient. Dubbed the Mary Terranean, this cocktail incorporates the Italians’ love of tomato, basil, oregano, chile pepper and of course EVO. Shaken over ice, the Bloody Mary mix, hot pepper, herbs and olive oil is strained and garnished with a stalk of celery. And, why not—another drizzle of EVO, for good measure.

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